Change Log

Detailed Log

Every new release of Atmail brings new features and improvements for your users to enjoy. Are you an existing customer? You can upgrade via the Client Portal. You can also explore the live online demo to experience the new version.

Major Update: 7.4

July 22, 2014

Clients please note the following important points:

  1. Atmail 7.4 incorporates the code changes provided in Atmail 7.3.2, which include significant database schema changes specific to the user table. Please backup your database prior to implementing this upgrade.
  2. Please also be aware that this upgrade may take significantly more time to complete than usual.
  3. Back up Dovecot. We can't stress this enough as we are recompiling your dovecot installation to include new password hash processing.
  4. Back up your Dovecot/exim configuration files. We are reprocessing your configuration settings and will write out new configuration files.
  5. Ubuntu users please be aware that we currently support Ubuntu versions 11 and 12 only. The installer will not work on versions 13 or above at this stage. We are currently working to support version 13+.
  6. Important to communicate to customers that below Outlook settings needs to be changed in order for UTF-8 to work with Atmail DavSync. FILE > Options > Advanced > International Options > Preferred encoding for outgoing vCards > Unicode (UTF-8).
  7. Atmail now supports emails received from Outlook in winmail.dat format with .xlsx attachments. There are some dependencies required here (Ubuntu and CentOS installs require the “tnef” package to be installed).
  8. Outlook users, please download and install the latest AtmailSync package. If you experience the multiple-calendar “This Computer Only” issue, please remove and re-add your account to Outlook.
  9. To install the latest ActiveSync technology, you need to get the .gz file extract the content under the /usr/shared/push folder after that just run the install.php script.
  10. The latest ActiveSync requires the user to enter the full account details.
  11. Please note that as from now on, we are dropping support for Outlook 2007.


  • Implementation of right-click support in Email
  • Implementation of Folder Manager
  • Folders are now collapsible(top level) in left navigation pane
  • Fixed Dual inbox folders displayed when using ActiveSync on an Android device
  • Fixed Intermittent “Message not found…” error on deleting email
  • Fixed Insertion of underscores in email subject lines for French translation for emails sent using Microsoft Outlook
  • Fixed Send/Receive email attachment bug using ActiveSync on an Android device
  • Fixed Encoding issues opening .eml files with Microsoft Outlook
  • Fixed MIME parsing error encountered when emails received are sent from Outlook in win mail.dat format with a .xlsx attachment
  • Fixed SMTP “dot stuffing” - where SMTP escapes the leading “dot” of each MIME encoded line.
  • Fixed Email signature display errors in Mobile UI
  • Fixed Folder display errors using non-English language characters (UTF-8) in Mobile UI
  • Fixed Line separator error when composing email to a custom user group
  • Fixed Email render display issue for emails sent from Outlook 2013
  • Fixed Continuous display of loading indicator when attempting to move a subfolder to a directory it already exists in.
  • Fixed corrupted text file attachments when downloaded
  • Fixed Files attached without a file name causing a download error
  • Fixed Cut-off rendering of email subject display on tab title
  • Fixed hidden “Show more” button in Mobile UI
  • Fixed Clicking refresh in the Mobile UI rendering the same email multiple times
  • Improved Support for the backspace/delete key to edit/manage the address fields
  • Removed loss of focus when removing addresses from the address fields (backspace/delete button and/or clicking the “x”)
  • Increased visibility of longer addresses in address field
  • Improved Message selection handling: auto-selection improvement
  • Improved Message selection handling: shift+click message selection support
  • Improved Message selection handling: < > buttons highlighting selected message in “three pane view"
  • New refresh inbox icon
  • Improved behavior of Trash button - Move to Trash / Perm Delete based on settings


  • Fixed Contact synchronisation when using ActiveSync for Android and iOS
  • Fixed Duplication of contact entries when synchronising with ActiveSync on an iOS device
  • Fixed Clicking “Mail Contact” immediately after creating that contact record not populating the “to” address field
  • Fixed Mouse pointer displaying as “clickable” in non-clickable areas
  • Fixed Duplicate phone number created in Outlook 2013 on synchronization
  • Fixed inability to edit address and photo in Outlook 2013
  • Improved Contact record display layout within the user interface


  • Creation of a “View” button within event reminder
  • Fixed Date format compatibility with Japanese formatting
  • Fixed Repeat calendar events created when synchronising an iOS device via ActiveSync
  • Fixed Shared calendar permissions intermittently not saving
  • Fixed Display bug when adding or editing an event’s date or time using the Mobile UI
  • Fixed Timezone setting dropping when accepting invitation sent from Outlook 2013
  • Fixed Calendar events created in “Day View” with start/end times prior to 10am disappearing from view unless the user is viewing the calendar month
  • Fixed “Calendars are not available” error displaying when users belong to a user group
  • Fixed Duplicate event bug when synchronising with Outlook 2013
  • Improved time selection with 15 minute increments when scheduling an event (00, 15, 30, 45)
  • Increased size for the add/edit event screen, supporting increased visibility of field values
  • Removal of Event reminder“Close” button
  • Improved Event reminder states meeting subject
  • Improved Event reminder displays calendar event is scheduled in
  • Improved navigation (next / previous day/week/month)


  • File extension changed to “.txt” when a file is renamed and shared in one workflow
  • Fixed newly created subfolders not displaying to end-user

General - System Administration:

  • New password hashing modes including salted sha 256 and 512, blowfish.
  • Added Accessibility User Interface (support for tabbed navigation and Apple VoiceOver)
  • Added Support for external contact servers (LDAP)
  • Added SSL support in iOS provisioning packet
  • Admins can now select a “preferred landing page” within the WebAdmin interface
  • Admins can now enable a feature for end-users to “empty all email” from a folder
  • Added Supports EAS for windows phone 8
  • Fixed Multiple synchronisation bugs for Android (ActiveSync)
  • Fixed Multiple synchronisation bugs for iOS (ActiveSync)
  • Fixed Admin Map Console Errors
  • Fixed Value for “Accept-Language” for Japanese for multiple browsers
  • Fixed Session time out issues for Mobile UI
  • Fixed Footer display bug for Mobile UI
  • Fixed Colour scheme bugs within Webmail UI themes
  • Fixed .CSV import bug with Norwegian character sets
  • Fixed Navigation display bug (dual-arrows) for Web Admin menus in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Fixed InnoDB error for appliances
  • Fixed Intermittent stability bugs for AtmailSync with Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Fixed Bootloader bug (app_root definition) when executing util/tools/migration scripts
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest.response error in Internet Explorer 9
  • Fixed trim error in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed Quickview.js error in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed change password error message (un-clickable close button)
  • Fixed misaligned display of user count for long domain names (Admin > User Manager)
  • Fixed inability to login to Mobile UI on iPhone 4s / iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 only
  • Fixed footer bar rendering twice in Mobile UI on iOS
  • Fixed scripts inserted into folder names being executed in the Mobile UI only
  • New Japanese language translations
  • Improved "Purge Message” translation accuracy in German language
  • Improved calendar Gennaio display for the Italian language
  • Increased cross-site request forgery protection for API calls relating to Storage and Mobile UI
  • Improved display of AtmailSync download link
  • Improved display of custom branding information in Web Admin
  • Optimisation of database table for Calendar
  • Improved rendering of “Search” field in the Web Admin interface
  • Improved errror message display rendering on login page
  • Resolved grammatical error in “Welcome email” sent to new users
  • Improved support for choosing sequence of given name and surname display
  • Removal of “Blue Steel” theme images and references
  • Improved standards warning when creating cloud account via the API
  • Improved support for all legal characters for IMAP folder names
  • Refactored Authentication Systems (crypto module, supporting multiple backend modules; AES-128bit or AES-256bit in either EBC or CBC modes)
  • Automatic password creation now uses cryptographically strong random bytes - selecting best CSPRNG available
  • Master password key generation now has 256 bits of key (including entropy calculation for master password selection)
  • Removal of redundant call to fetch domain list within User Manager
  • Over-quota users can now move/delete emails

Documentation for Online Help Files:

Update 7.3.2

June 19, 2014


  • [Bug Fix] Email signature issues.
  • [Bug Fix] Unread email count showing incorrectly.
  • [Bug Fix] Consecutive clicks of “Save Draft” resulting in error message display when opening the email within the drafts folder.
  • [Bug Fix] If multiple attachments are in a composed email, only one attachment is saved when saving to drafts.
  • [Bug Fix] Unable to delete emails from mailbox when the user has reached their quota.
  • [Bug Fix] Unwanted HTML encoding of international characters upon sending mail.
  • [Bug Fix] Web Mail User >> Top Right Corner Menu (Colour Theme, Settings, Help, Logout) closes on mouse over, prior to user click.
  • [Bug Fix] Unable to delete or move messages via webmail from Android or iOS.
  • [Bug Fix] HTTPS links embedded within email body is converted to HTTP links.
  • [Bug Fix] Non-empty value error.
  • [Bug Fix] Mobile UI: When an attempt to email fails, other features become inaccessible.
  • [Bug Fix] Error where .pdf and .doc attachments are not being sent.
  • [Bug Fix] Long sender names "cut off” in email display.
  • [Bug Fix] Next button is not displayed on 2pane view.
  • [Bug Fix] Forward emails to more than one email address at a time.
  • [Improvement] User experience when reporting spam messages in "Webmail Only” installations.
  • [Improvement] Ability to scroll through open mail tabs.


  • [Bug Fix] Special characters creating duplicate entries in Contacts.
  • [Bug Fix] Unable to email people from Contacts where names contain non-ascii characters (version 7.3 & up).
  • [Bug Fix] Global Contacts cannot be dragged and dropped into user's contacts (E.g. "Personal" List).
  • [Bug Fix] When a contact is dragged and dropped into "Favourites" from another list, the list doesn't refresh to display the "Star” to indicate that the action succeeded.
  • [Improvement] User contacts can be imported via both .vcf and .csv formats.


  • [Bug Fix] Special characters creating duplicate entries in Calendars.
  • [Bug Fix] Calendar event timezone not updating when default timezone is changed in settings.
  • [Bug Fix] Webmail hangs upon inviting attendees.
  • [New Feature] Set preferred “start day” for the week. (Access via the Settings tab).


  • [Bug Fix] Uploading file error logs but doesn’t display to the end-user.
  • [Bug Fix] Folder rename cannot be enabled by double click on folder when attempted immediately after folder is created. 
  • [Bug Fix] When a shared link is accessed for a file where the share has been disabled, the user is not given a message.
  • [Bug Fix] Sub Folders cannot be renamed in version 7.3.1 and up.
  • [Improvement] Error message given when attempting to add a folder with invalid characters was not user friendly or correctly aligned.
  • [Improvement] Display of create/rename folder error information. 
  • [Improvement] SECURITY: New filters/validation models for the Storage Controller and all associated actions.

System & Administration: 

  • [Bug Fix] “Domain Disabled” bug in Webmail Only installations. 
  • [Bug Fix] UI inconsistencies between desktop and mobile UI when logging in.
  • [Bug Fix] Sign-up page does not reflect custom branding specified in the Admin Interface.
  • [Bug Fix] Web Admin User >> Top Right Corner Menu (Colour Theme, Settings, Help, Logout) closes on mouse over, prior to user click.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed siteBaseUrl variable for “stop.png” file. 
  • [Bug Fix] API fix for multiple calls (folder, groups and settings).
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Create User >> "User DOB" field input doesn't get saved
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Edit User form doesn't have JS validations to restrict invalid characters being typed in or pasted.
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Import Users doesn't have validations to restrict certain invalid characters (e.g. !,$,%) to be included in username resulting in creating a user that cannot be used or deleted.
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> Update User If update user validation fails due to username being left empty/blank, even if username is populated with valid values in consecutive attempt, an error message continues to be displayed "Username Cannot be empty”.
  • [Bug Fix] SECURITY: Webmail User >> Storage: Folders can be renamed to have invalid characters although it is not allowed when adding a folder.
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> User Manager: Adding an invalid domain: Screen is refreshed hiding all additional domains available in cloud account and only displays primary cloud account
  • [Bug Fix] One-Touch iOS Provisioning (iPad/iPhone) sets default SMTP server as and user cannot send emails.
  • [Bug Fix] testbackend.php does not product any output
  • [Bug Fix] Admin Interface >> User Manager >>Import Users: If email addresses in the CSV file contain a space before comma separating the first name, users are not linked or displayed.
  • [Bug Fix] Appliance: wrong path in the update-script (applicance instead of appliance).
  • [Bug Fix] SECURITY: Webmail Only: When upgrading license key, users exposed on GroupwareZone, SharedAbook. (7.0.2 & up)
  • [Bug Fix] Web installer errors when inputting license details if the license has already been installed.
  • [Bug Fix] Where more than 20 domains exist in the system, they cannot be removed. 
  • [Bug Fix] DAV backend authentication will fail if remote domains are locked.
  • [Improvement] During installation - an error is now displayed if the PHP session directory doesn’t have correct access permissions. 
  • [Improvement] For the final step of the Webmail-only installation, (Installation Complete), a warning message regarding the log clean script is now displayed on a red-div.
  • [Improvement] Admin >> Services >> Mobility >> iOS Profiles enabled by default.
  • [Improvement] “Remember Me” now titled “Leave me signed in”.
  • [Improvement] Forcing a software update from a specific version no longer processes all versions.
  • [Improvement] Autocomplete enabled for “New User” and “Edit User” in User Manager.
  • [Improvement] Mobile interface - no longer missing option to move message.
  • [Improvement] Improved error message content for when incorrect username or password is used in an attempt to login to the Admin Interface.
  • [Improvement] Support for multiple sessions.
  • [Improvement] Supported browsers listed on the login page link to the latest versions of those browsers. 
  • [Improvement] The self signed SSL certificate created on fresh installation does not reference Atmail.
  • [Improvement] Removed redundant CSS files from the installation.
  • [Improvement] Update character set and field size settings to attain consistency throughout the MySQL database.
  • [Improvement] Improved passing of information from plugins. 
  • [Improvement] Allow plugins to either return a filename or message in order to override the standard welcome message.
  • [Improvement] Increased configuration options for the iOS profile in the WebAdmin.
  • [New Feature] Maintenance Page.

Update 7.3.1

May 13, 2014


  • Added .htaccess checks to ensure optimal system configuration
  • Closed loophole to prevent unauthorised account creation when signup is disabled in WebAdmin
  • Resolved calendar alarm errors where description contains special characters

Update 7.3.0

April 23, 2014

General and System:

  • Fixed the webAdmin control panel asking for input of the administrator’s email address twice
  • Fixed spam mail filter not capturing “spam email” outside of the blacklist
  • Fixed horizontal scroll code called before iFrame has loaded
  • Added SabreDav to .ics Migration tool
  • Improved security on new input filter/validation models for calendar events and task events, including HTML safe output to WebUI
  • Removed of “id” column in SerialConf database table. (Prevents ActiveSync errors when this field maxes)
  • Corrected WebMail Admin SubAdmin functions (list, add, view) errors
  • Fixed entering custom NumUser or NumQuota amounts when creating a SubAdmin
  • Fixed deleting user errors
  • Fixed selection of both “Send to All” and “Send to all SubAdmins” only selecting SubAdmins
  • Fixed loss of help text in the create/edit user form under specific circumstances
  • Corrected SubAdmins being able to enable/disable password policies. (Now only Admins can access this functionality)
  • Fixed email address of SubAdmin not being saved when adding a new SubAdmin
  • Fixed potential race condition on creation of domain(s)
  • Removed debug code from PluginCall.php
  • Multiple other system improvements


  • Added print button
  • Added automatic conversion of http/https/www text to links in email. Toggled via “Settings” tab
  • Fixed HTML tables within email body not rendering correctly


  • Added delete button for contact photos
  • Improved security for removed unused actions from contacts controller
  • Improved support export of user contacts in both .vcf and .csv formats


  • Improved Italian language support for Atmail calendar
  • Fixed calendar web interface still displaying in Mobile UI when it is not enabled


  • Fixed file losing associated comments when moving the file
  • Fixed cogwheel drop down menu not loading on click

Update 7.2.3

March 19, 2014


  • Fixed handling of ics attachments when CalDavServer is disabled.
  • Fixed notifications with IE11 in 3 pane mode
  • Corrected variable usage in favicon
  • Saved colour / theme from top right dropdown
  • Fixed errors written to info log rather than error log
  • Corrected SQL errors when InnoDB module not available
  • Fixed Anti-Spam settings bug with message classification setting set to "Move to spam folder"
  • Fixed compose mail > email address filter bug when magic_quotes_gpc is set 1.
  • Fixed regression with Mobile UI add calendar event
  • Corrected IMAP error response triggering bad exception that caused a PHP fatal
  • Fixed UI issues for subjects in email in 3 pane view
  • Fixed symbol "&" in subject line which was rendered as "&"
  • Fixed “reply all” discarding changes and reloading composer in quick reply
  • Fixed Reply/Reply All actions on a specific node within the thread
  • Fixed relatedMessageMessageID validation not accepting some message id formats

Update 7.2.2

March 6, 2014

Multiple Security Improvements:

  • XSS and CSRF vulnerability reduction through architectural changes
  • New filters and validation rules for API calls
  • New filters and validation rules for software functionality
  • Corrected Webdav controller functionality
  • Improved attachment and storage filename rules
  • Forced download of attachments for insecure mime types
  • Reduced exposure of technical error messages to end-users

Multiple Bug Fixes:

  • [Storage] Icons in storage pane
  • [System] Icon colours within colour themes
  • [Email] Unread icon functionality for threaded messages
  • [Contacts] Contact import button text
  • [Email] Support for pasting multiple emails into address fields
  • [Admin] Fixed selection boxes within WebAdmin
  • [Calendar] Fixed calendar bug on viewing day/week/month
  • [Storage] Fixed upload button bug for storage
  • [Calendar] Fixed bug for event attendees in Chrome and Safari
  • [Security] Spam Reporting bug
  • [Email] HTML formatted message display
  • [Email] Flag deletion on reply


  • [System] Increased tooltip support
  • [System] httponly cookie support
  • [System] General clean up & removal of unused code
  • [General] Improved multiple device synchronisation support
  • [General] Updated DavSync plugin

Major Update 7.2.1

February 14, 2014

General and/or Installation:

  • System Installation and Configuration improvements
  • Increased Translation Support
  • Multiple Security Improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Improved IE support
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Various CSS fixes
  • Improved Translation Support


  • New “Show More Tabs” arrow
  • Drag & Drop for email attachments
  • Tab selection
  • Cache
  • Message reply
  • Next/Previous message navigation
  • Icon hovering
  • Unicode characters (Settings > Email Filters)
  • Overlapping interface (Advanced Search)
  • Tab titles in “Two Pane” view
  • File attachments with single quotes in filename


  • Fixed icon in contacts pane
  • Improved colour theme support
  • Autocomplete returns personal contacts
  • Close and page navigation buttons in contact search
  • Removal of remembered contacts from personal contacts


  • Improved text handling within calendar invitations
  • Calendar alarms having long titles
  • Editing calendar names
  • Fixed name overflow
  • Sharing calendars with external email addresses
  • MS Outlook invitations losing timezone information on accept/edit
  • “Blank” titles for event reminders
  • Improved support for shell scripts via webmail/utilities/calendar/


  • Prevention of blank task list names being recorded
  • Fixes for name overflow


  • Improved filename character support

 Settings & Web Admin:

  • Improved colour theme support
  • Added missing save button (Service Providers pane)
  • Resolved issue with map tool


  • Improved Microsoft Outlook support (Contacts, Calendars)

Major Update 7.2

December 17, 2013

Atmail 7.2.0 requires PHP5.3

  • Before you upgrade to Atmail 7.2.0 make sure your server has PHP5.3 or above installed

New to Atmail 7.2 is Tasks

  • You can now plan, define and prioritise those things you need to do with Atmail Tasks
  • Tasks can be organised within Task Lists, so you can have one list of tasks for Aunt Mabel's birthd$
  • Tasks follow the CalDav standard so any Tasks you create within Atmail, or on other compatible devi$
  • So, get organisied and give Tasks a try. We'd love to hear what you think.


  • Contact list displays when clicking 'To'CC'BCC'
  • Improved email rendering, including mime handling and multi byte http links
  • Improved drag and drop behaviour with folders
  • Drag'n'Drop file upload while composing in Internet Explorer 10


  • Improved Contacts handling
  • Consistent photo size application wide


  • Event pop-up drag & resize improved
  • Multiple display and event-handling improvements, including multi-day events


  • Various UX improvements
  • Comment handling improvements
  • Quota calculation improvements


  • Default date/time setting improvements
  • Community-created Portuguese language translation added


  • Miscellaneous security improvements


  • Multiple back-end programmatic improvements
  • Improved hook availability for plugins
  • iOS profile improvements
  • Various cache and other performance improvements
  • Improved azerty keyboard handling

Bug Fixes

  • 'Save As Draft'
  • 'Confirm on send'
  • Autocomplete bug fixes
  • Pagination bug fixes
  • Composition bug fixes
  • 'Reply-All'
  • Support for scrolling contact list while dragging contacts
  • Fixed issues deleting some contacts
  • Multiple bug fixes for: Calendar Quick View, Daily View, and Mini-calendar
  • Multiple file delete
  • Prevent file replacement when filename already in use
  • Fixed drag & drop functionality
  • Upload bug fixes
  • Count external users in the user manager (improvement)
  • Move users around groups while at max license count
  • Improved user password update handling
  • Fixed Safari rendering issues

Update 7.1.6

December 4, 2013


  • Increased unicode support
  • Improved calendar pop-up notification handling
  • Horizontal scroll support
  • Various UI improvements


  • Security update

Update 6.6.6

December 4, 2013


  • Increased unicode support


  • Various bug fixes
  • Security update

Hotfix: Update 7.1.5

November 14, 2013


  • Security update

Hotfix: Update 7.1.4

November 5, 2013


  • Security update

Hotfix: Update 6.6.5

September 5, 2013


  • Security update

Hotfix: Update 7.1.3

September 5, 2013


  • Security update
  • Fixed appliance installations without a revision installed requesting repeated updates

Hotfix: Update 6.6.4

August 12, 2013


  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5031
  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5032
  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5033
  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5034

Hotfix: Update 7.1.2

August 06, 2013


  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5031
  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5032
  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5033
  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-5034

Update 7.1.1

May 30, 2013

New Features!

  • New, improved WebAdmin Theme
  • Improved branding support
  • New Password Policy feature
  • Extensive reporting and statistics for users - includes access geo-location and user-level graphs
  • Enabled automatic resizing of main and login page logos
  • Unified Webmail and Admin theme styles


  • ActiveSync ® default lifetime to 1800 seconds
  • Added 5 pixel drag-n-drop distance before enable for User Manager
  • Added ActiveSync ® logs in User Manager
  • Added new Log_Device table for tracking mobile devices
  • Added script for purging of SerialConf table of data older than 1 year
  • Added top border to threaded emails
  • Admin - Added Edit User to User Manager summary pane
  • Admin - Added new icons for User Manager
  • Admin - Added placeholder for no users selected
  • Admin - Added updated images for logo and settings icons
  • Admin - Cleaned up Edit User form
  • Admin - Updates to form fields and changed position of Import/Edit buttons in User Manager
  • Admin - cleaned up group edit forms and dynamically resizing graphs
  • Admin - Services - Mail Relay - 'Delete Selected' removes rows from table immediately rather than on refresh
  • Admin - User Manager > Edit Group Settings button moved to view user
  • Admin - User Manager > Updated message display used by User Manager
  • Admin - User Manager > Display message if domain disabled
  • Calendar invites now have update button
  • Clear password text fields when user changes their password
  • Consolidated all user prepwork for view template into model
  • Consolidated attachment FS code from multiple locations
  • Displays loading notification during graph loading time
  • Displays loading notification during User Manager load
  • More white-labelling options for help files
  • Now handles missing gb and iMagick
  • Performance tweaks and caching for User Manager to increase load speed
  • Push - disabled all debug output by default, and added new script to toggle debug mode for push - toggleDebug.php
  • Removed unused debug code
  • Updated admin fresh login page header image
  • Updated help files with new icons and image borders
  • Webadmin: use style colour on admin graphs instead of static colour
  • Webmail - View Email > Top right dropdown - Removed white area behind dropdown
  • Webmail - View Email > Top right dropdown - Removed white area behind message subject
  • Added calendar LDAP auth test kit


  • Admin - Fixed 'user disabled' status
  • Admin - Plugins - Fixed Upload Plugins button
  • Admin - Security - Add Subadmin - Fixed password does not match error message, reenabled submit button after error
  • Admin - Security - Change Password - Fixed password cannot be zero length message
  • Admin - Security - Edit Subadmin - Added back button
  • Admin - Security - Edit Subadmins - Removed 'Delete Selected' button
  • Admin - Security - Fixed issues with clicking on Subadmin username
  • Admin - Security - List Subadmin - Fixed regression with display subadmin table
  • Admin - Services - ArchiveVault - Fixed ArchiveVault Status displaying 'Attempting to connect' after save
  • Admin - Services - Email Aliases - Fix 'delete' not working.
  • Admin - Services - Email Aliases - Fixed alias not being removed from list on delete
  • Admin - Services - Fixed regressions in Email Aliases and Mail Relay
  • Admin - Services - Mass Mail - Added back button to compose form and resized Subject box
  • Admin - Services - Mass Mail - Added back button to send result page
  • Admin - Services - Mass Mail - Fixed compose form and send functionality
  • Admin - Services - SMTP - Fixed settings  save if Enable DKIM Outbound checked and DKIM Domain not specified.
  • Admin - User Manager - Add domain lists new domain under Domains rather than Groups
  • Admin - User Manager - Display remove group/domain button when clicking on a new group/domain
  • Admin - User Manager - Edit User - User Photo - Fix spinner overlap text, link only spans width of image
  • Admin - User Manager - Edit domain - Change throw exception to add error
  • Admin - User Manager - Edit group/domain settings button displayed after editing a user
  • Admin - User Manager - Fixed User Manager loading with no user group selected
  • Admin - User Manager - Hide edit domain button when viewing all users or external accounts
  • Admin - User Manager - Hide remove folder buttons when All Users or External Accounts selected
  • Admin - User Manager - New domain displays correct symbol
  • Admin - User Manager - Select new group or domain after creating
  • Admin - User Manager - Show all users after deleting a group or domain
  • Admin - User Manager - View users - Removed duplicate code
  • Admin can now correctly disable domains
  • Corrected auth controller for external accounts without domain
  • Corrected date handling for dav backend for dates with unix timestamp of 0. (1970/1/1)
  • Corrected realpath calculations for reading timezones + prefix for timezones to include 3 area components correctly
  • Corrected timezone filter to accept underscores
  • Corrected timezones that have 3 area components
  • Corrected timezones that have trailing white space
  • Corrected upload failed if attachment is too large
  • DAV - AD fix for allowing auth when AD is set and bind=%u, which is the default
  • DAV - Correcting invitation issues
  • DAV - Fixed bad WebDAV folder names if children folders are created
  • DAV - Fixed date timezone selection throwing uncaught exception
  • DAV - Fixed debug output in production mode
  • DAV - Fixed quota + WebDAV error on webmail only installations without quota available
  • DAV - Fixed timezone vObject attempted read even when no timezone information present
  • DAV - Fixed various variable usage issues
  • Fixed API admin call to change password wipes phone numbers for user
  • Fixed install prompt - [Press Enter to Continue]
  • Fixed bad URI when fetching User Photo
  • Fixed datetime object
  • Fixed db configuration saving and Multi-SQL failover specification saving
  • Fixed delete trash on logout if Admin > Settings > User Defaults > Delete trash on logout checked
  • Fixed filename issue with branding logos and theme
  • Fixed filename issues with attachments
  • Fixed group edit
  • Fixed infinite loop in shared download links
  • Fixed menu indent in webmail
  • Fixed move folder issues for some license types
  • Fixed registration page for some installations
  • Fixed settings - password settings not displaying after editing user
  • Fixed storage and settings links in header not working in webmail
  • Fixed timeago regression
  • Fixed various IE issues for admin
  • Fixed various image sources that were incorrect
  • Fixed webmail login logo being cut off
  • Fixed issue of when adding a folder, input box is cut off on the right
  • Now hides timezone discovery warnings
  • Push - Corrected mbox folder not correctly populated on first connect
  • Push - Fixed accepting alternate domain/user format correctly
  • Push - Fixed Log_Login logging IPs on failure
  • Push - Fixed missing define
  • Push - refactored debug - improved error/exception handler, added shutdown handler, now logs fatal errors to php STDERR, disables error_reporting when in production mode
  • Push - removed debuginfo print out on error in production mode
  • Removed human readable output from ActiveSync ® service, replaced with correct HTTP error codes
  • Removed references to nonexisting plugins causing 404 errors
  • Services - WebDAV File Storage - Fixed sliders
  • SubAdmin - User Manager - Do not display edit domain/group button if subadmin
  • SubAdmin - User Manager - Do not display edit user button if the subadmin does not have editing permissions
  • SubAdmin - User Manager - Hide add/remove domain/group buttons if subadmin user
  • Subadmin - Removed menu headings that have no items displayed
  • Updated admin forms
  • WebAdmin - License - Register Serial - Fixed save button displaying JSON response
  • WebAdmin - Services - Email Aliases - Fix alias table style
  • Webadmin -> Services -> Webmail hidden in Webmail only mode
  • Webadmin - Edit User - Fixed webmail only install getting password field cannot be blank error
  • Webmail - Compose - Fixed confirm on send
  • Webmail - Login page - Moved ' / ' between Signup and Webadmin links so it is only visible when Signup is visible
  • Webmail - Settings - Change Password - Fade and disable save button on click
  • Webmail log in page - removed '/' from signup link when admin - settings - Sign-up page enabled checked

Update 7.1.0

April 02, 2013


  • Atmail now includes VOIP Support
  • Improved accessibility for vision-impaired users by focusing on email body when an email is opened
  • Improved accessibility by adding 'Press Enter to Open' message for screen readers
  • Fixed smart forwards for ActiveSync
  • Antivirus updates are now solely handled via cron

Hotfix: Update 6.6.3

April 02, 2013


  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-2585
  • Fixes potential issues with filename management for attachments

Hotfix: Update 7.0.3

Mar 25, 2013


  • Addresses security issue CVE-2013-2585
  • Fixes potential issues with filename management for attachments
  • Increased compatibility with the Ubuntu operating system.

Update 7.0.2

Mar 7, 2013


  • HTML ActiveSync support
  • Added Turkish translation
  • SSL iOS Provisioning: now uses secure ports by default
  • Added Config variables for tracking SpamAssassin version
  • Added an option to allow users to set their BCC to always show
  • Added SMTP server setting for spam reporting
  • Autocomplete now allows comma to separate emails
  • Autocomplete now allows semicolon-separated email list
  • CSS tweaks for some languages
  • Can now forward emails to secondary spam systems
  • Can now perform global contact search via ActiveSync
  • Configuration tests in installer now display domain name in information
  • Flash notice and close if there are no files in storage
  • Improved performance for various user model MySQL requests
  • Improved timeout handling for ActiveSync longpoll
  • Now allows html files to be downloaded
  • Now supports ActiveSync v12.1 - includes header compression and bandwidth reduction.
  • Server protocol updated for shared file link
  • Tidy up for thumbnail creation for attach from storage
  • Translations added for: Calendar pop-up, compose message form, top-left dropdown menu, 2/3 Pane view buttons, and list groups (storage)
  • Updated Push debug log lines to be easier to read
  • Updated Mobile UI CSS for report spam icons
  • Webmail now jumps to attachment anchor when you click the paper clip


  • Added spam reporting feature for webmail-only Atmail
  • Display all groups in auto-complete even if some share all the same contacts
  • Fix for some messages not displaying due to htmlspecialchars()/htmlentities() returning a blank string if some chars cannot be converted. Added ENT_IGNORE to get around this but is only available in PHP5.3
  • Fixed ActiveSync ping consuming ports without close if device connection unexpectedly drops
  • Fixed Activesync state corruption
  • Fixed PDF content is not displaying for few of the attached PDFs.
  • Fixed alarms not being removed under specific scenarios
  • Fixed auto installation of RPM for appliances
  • Fixed bug in Groupware Zone setting of dropdowns not showing saved values
  • Fixed cached items served up for some calendar events
  • Fixed calendar model for availability unable to set
  • Fixed calendar popup running off top or bottom of screen when displayed
  • Fixed calendar refresh issue for activesync
  • Fixed catch for deleted extension and add it back into the new filename
  • Fixed catch for failed session close in index.php
  • Fixed certain functions that should have been static
  • Fixed configuration object for ActiveSync to disable search when contacts are not enabled
  • Fixed DAV XML processor for orphaned block properties
  • Fixed divide-by-zero error for SubAdmin with no users allocated
  • Fixed download vCard if extra colon in fax numbers
  • Fixed event description having title overwrite it
  • Fixed 'Home Fax' sync from server to device
  • Fixed incorrect paths for some png files from jQuery UI
  • Fixed invitations for PHP 5.1
  • Fixed issue decoding MIME with multi content-type
  • Fixed issue where some MIME types aren't detected due to case sensitivity
  • Fixed password change being available to external users
  • Fixed passwords failing for CalDAV basic HTTP Auth that contain ':'
  • Fixed quota response encoding for languages other than English
  • Fixed quotation marks in storage when renaming and loading thumbnails
  • Fixed remove event recurrences under specific scenarios
  • Fixed issue where setting Groupware zone to off allowed global contacts search
  • Fixed syntax error in purge-users.php that effected some PHP versions
  • Fixed timeout for ActiveSync cached ping
  • Fixed timezone calculations under invalid TZ idents
  • Fixed timezone for calendar stat for activesync connections
  • Fixed tmp directory writable check for login action
  • Fixed toggle thread only display partial email contents issue
  • Fixed user add for basic licenses
  • Fixed user quota calculation for subadmins with unlimited user quotas
  • Fixed various click states for attachments from storage
  • Removed all local domains being listed in log in page source.
  • Removed bad zend_session create for unused session namespace\
  • Removed various debug output
  • Server install updated: Database names with '.' now accepted, text changed to specify requirement to get license
  • Tidy up of remember-me code
  • Translation strings updated
  • [Mobile UI] Implemented spam button on mobile UI

Update 7.0.1

Jan 22, 2013


  • Corrected yum issues during RPM installation
  • Corrected UserManager Add/Remove buttons covering lowest domain
  • Fixed logo for webmail and admin
  • Fixed grey line at bottom of composer and thread view
  • Fixed various CSS issues
  • Updated User-Agent string
  • Corrected version naming inside css comments
  • Corrected subadmin permission error when adding user
  • Correcting paths for some images in admin
  • Fixed paths for error phtml
  • Corrected image paths for help
  • Corrected searching text overwriting email view, now removes blockUI on load
  • Fixed push available for trial licenses
  • Fixed logo on login page to be correct dimensions
  • Purge users script for trunk Atmail, important utility
  • Corrected dependency list

Atmail 7 - Major Release!

Dec 20, 2012

New Features

  • New Atmail 7 theme
  • New color customization options
  • New DAVSync
  • White-labelling options for DAVSync
  • Faster performance for big mailboxes
  • Tons of improvements and fixes


  • Addressbook Edit/Delete buttons now disabled if no contacts are selected
  • Accepting events now reports the timezone in preview
  • Added absolute path for a require_once() call in webmail-update.php so that it can be run from any current working directory
  • Added better styling for threaded view
  • Added body peek to collapsed thread nodes
  • Added coloring for all elements in UI
  • Added favicon for storage
  • Added long time waiting hint for long time search
  • Added message to inform admins to run cli-update on all Atmail servers in a cluster
  • Added missing module build for Spamassassin
  • Added New Email as default action for mail list 'Compose' button
  • Added new plugin hook 'preListUsers' for admin module
  • Added php date.timezone check
  • Added protection code for multiple searches clicked in a short time
  • Added protection for renaming reserved storage folders
  • Added some missing help images
  • Implemented function for renaming Storage folders
  • Implemented new Unread filter
  • Improved implementation of the following filters: Purchases, Friends, Newsletters, Notifications, Flagged messages
  • Improved jQuery selectors for some Addressbook actions to improve theme compatibility
  • Improved window resizing, now has minimum width.
  • Moved help files into a new tab instead of popping up
  • Webmail now properly redirects to Mobile UI login on iOS devices
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Added class for correct display of contact name on delete
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Updated css for retina icons
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Newly saved signature now appears in new emails
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Dropdown menu no longer blocks buttons at bottom of screen


  • Atmail Attendees - fixed descripition length
  • Changed all Download ID references to clientid
  • Corrected 'array' error on edit user if no user selected
  • Corrected database field naming incorrect for dav principal backend
  • Corrected DAV ORG mapping, follows combination of RFC 6350 and CCITT.X520 (1988)
  • Corrected DAV listing for root principals
  • Corrected port for xml profile iphone
  • Corrected variable usage during contact mapper
  • Corrected various issues for folder/domain controls in admin User Manager
  • Corrected various VObject parsing errors
  • Dates in calendar column headers now obey Date Format setting
  • Fixed spellcheck error in IE
  • Fixed appointment/.ics attachment processing
  • Fixed bugs with creating and renaming sub-folders
  • Fixed refresh error on mailboxes
  • Fixed 'Incorrect search result' message in Firefox
  • Fixed IE7/8 issue where forwarding an email with an image attachment results in Javascript error
  • Fixed comment deletion in Storage tab
  • Fixed file permissions on emails after arrival
  • Fixed API directory removal errors
  • Fixed issue with attachments overlapping buttons
  • Fixed attendees in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed spellcheck bug for multi-line text where the first or last words are misspelled
  • Fixed calendar positioning of dates on hover
  • Fixed error for when clicking Delete button in Storage tab but no files are selected
  • Fixed failure when removing flag on filtered results
  • Fixed issue where folders cannot be renamed when it is the current folder
  • Fixed help guide navigation issues
  • Fixed installation issues for CentOS minimal 6.3
  • Fixed issue with spellchecker where after spellcheck has been used on an email, any subsequent spellchecks ignore the first word
  • Fixed minor PHP notices
  • Fixed notes on DAVSync tool
  • Fixed organizer being set in CalDAV XML data without any attendees
  • Fixed signup page
  • Fixed syntax error in webmail installation file
  • Fixed update script not finding libraries under PHP Strict mode
  • Fixed various javascript undefined warnings jsoncallback
  • Fixed width of the search bar
  • Fixed wrong argument order for method in plugin base class
  • Fixed calendar popup not being removed when clicking another tab
  • Hide permission errors for chmod failures
  • Removed double borders in Firefox
  • Removed port 11211 from recommended open firewall ports
  • Removed various debug output
  • Updated icons for color schemes
  • Various grammar and spelling mistakes corrected
  • Corrected New Event from main UI dropdown list
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed menu overlaps when using vertical views.
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed issue with saved signatures not showing up in Compose page
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed scrolling issue in login page
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed folder creation bug
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed issue with settings dropdown list
  • Atmail Mobile UI - Fixed crashing issues with Compose page

Update 6.6.2

Nov 15, 2012

Critical Security Updates

  • New Exim 4.80.1, fixes CVE-2012-5671

New Features

  • Implemented generation 1 Calendar Attendees handling (send invite to attendees, send html response to invites)
  • Branding for Mobile UI
  • Branding for default login screen
  • [Mashup] Added calendar map mashup demo


  • Moved webmail service on/off 'setting' to services tab
  • Added 'excluded domains/groups' link to global settings that are possibly overwritten by domain/group settings
  • Added istyle buttons to ArchiveVault, anti-virus panes
  • Branding for shared file download page
  • All logos loaded from PHP script with cache options
  • Improved white label: modified logo preview images to not contain 'atmail'
  • New plugin hooks and plugin framework mods
  • [Mashup] Implemented auto login for mashup demos


  • Resolved DOM ID naming collision when both services and settings tabs open for some tabs
  • Consolidated services code
  • Made form ID naming consistent across all service panes
  • Corrected alias height in service pane
  • Added context for various selectors in Services tab
  • Fixed imapssl_enable permadeath when turned off in IMAP service pane
  • Fixed some buttons disabling themselves after use in services panes
  • Fixed incorrect var usage
  • Removed unused WebSync settings from groups
  • Corrected storage class handling of bad connections
  • Fixed error message for invalid user details
  • Fixed granite theme for branding
  • Branding now works correctly again
  • Corrected branding image size to 89px
  • Cleanup + updating authors
  • Fixed ICS preview
  • Fixed calendar attendees
  • Attendees functionality to accept Outlook ICSs (trailing nonprinting chars), and also make Outlook show accept buttons inline
  • Added group/domain inherited settings indication for usermanager view user
  • [Mashup Example] Updated CalendarMap to work with v3 of Google Maps API
  • [CalDAV] Fixed failure of fetching data under rare circumstances
  • [Mobile UI] Upgrade jQueryMobile
  • [Mobile UI] Fixed calendar display issue
  • [ActiveSync] Various issues fixed
  • Replaced TRANSLIT with IGNORE in ViewMessageController as TRANSLIT was causing iconv to choke on some chars and cut emails short
  • [Mashup] Fixed broken picture in mail-tab mashup example
  • Slightly altered code that removes new folder from DOM if creation failed (previous jQuery did not work for customized themes)
  • Added some missing return's after using _forward()
  • [Mobile UI] Reduce flicker in android between page transition

Update 6.6.1

Oct 11, 2012

Mobile UI

  • NEW Calendar Events in Mobile UI
  • NEW swipe menu for quick access
  • Fixed mobile UI broken on Android issue. This is due to delete is a reserved word, cannot be used as function name even inside object
  • Added No events hint when calendar is empty
  • Change text Menu to Actions for sidebar
  • Added display realname in profile
  • Fixed ajax-loader cannot display properly issue
  • Fixed missing resources (wrong png file url). Files have to be added cause jQuery will access them internally
  • Added files to implement slide menu
  • Added new icons
  • Tidied up mobile popup pane
  • CSS tweaks for color scheme
  • Added ability to close sidebar with swipeleft
  • Added function to rerun profile abook id to get profile photo
  • Removed duplicated CSS rules
  • Fixed double render mail list (duplicated mail list) when logged-in
  • Fixed access error with ending '/' in URL


  • Fixed Webmail sessions timeout prematurely
  • Fixed various IE7 & IE8 bugs
  • Registration pane and css changes as requested from Bonny
  • Corrected etag usage in CalDAV lib
  • Fixing autocomplete regression
  • Added security feature to make sign in cookies exclusive. You now cannot sign in to both WebClient and WebAdmin at the same time
  • Disabled debugging in SyncML client
  • Changed SabreDAV stability indicator to 'modified' for version string output
  • Corrected bad variable usage in CalDAV code
  • Delete one debug output line
  • Greek Translation updated, all translation files updated to latest trunk strings
  • Corrected exit() to return
  • Corrected favicon update during search
  • Corrected search results error
  • Fixed optimization error if filter range provided with 'open' ends
  • Added console.js for better and save output in IE
  • Large cleanup; corrected PHP errors, fixed typo, spelling, changed zend error message, converted some file formats from Windows CRLF to Unix LF, removed commented code, removed some unused JavaScript files
  • Fixed Autoreply enabled with Forwarding, broke Forwarding
  • Added missing quota directory
  • Removed unused meta tags
  • Removed version string displayed on login page
  • Added robots meta tag to stop search engines indexing login pages
  • Server upgrade, must reset the EXIM setupid root correctly, else mailx/exim will fail for other uses
  • Autocomplete - if dups in results, select the one with the most details and display that only
  • Quota refactor - client, server, external accounts
  • Corrected CSS rules for progress bar
  • Added updated image for percent gradient
  • Corrected unable to delete messages when @ full quota, removed clientside quota tracking (not used)
  • Corrected exit used inside controller for downloading attachments
  • Corrected conflicting ID tags in settings panel
  • Corrected string to strong tag
  • Added button note that activating forwarding will not store locally
  • Only declare hex2bin() if the function does not exist (exists as a native function in PHP 5.4+)
  • Fixed unlimited quota storage upload fail
  • Fixed admin, user settings, hide quota for non local domains
  • Fixed installation failure on Debian 6, caused by Debian built-in exim4 installed by default
  • Fixed testatmail.php error on fresh installation: Added proper logger entries
  • Fixed disconnect issue with Dovecot 2.x when emptying a folder
  • Moved html/text filtering and rendering to controller, added original/filtered texts to DOM, on reply now copy original email
  • Calendar; Fixed issue that popup event goes to blank in some cases
  • Corrected API unlimited quota being accepted for subadmins with quota defined
  • Config lib mods
  • Corrected subadmin quota display showing blank for quota
  • Corrected user create API call not accepting unlimited quotas
  • Corrected admin jQuery namespace conflicts
  • Fixed negative quotas acceptable
  • Corrected float plot errors when divs are hidden
  • Improved sieveFile.php so some of it's code for generating sieve scripts can be used externally
  • Implemented updated BGIFrame JavaScript
  • Added missing configuration from installer SQL
  • Corrected variable usage calendar controller
  • Fixed drafts counter increase - missing variable
  • Bumped version improved login page to turn on/off link to admin page
  • Fixed Swedish language positioning
  • Corrected reply header variable usage and encoding
  • Correcting JSON construction for UT
  • Corrected JavaScript error if foldername was blank when renamed, corrected folder rename accepting namespace delimiters
  • Update composer forms and views on folder rename
  • Reversed previous solution for callback rendering instead created target divs which are global unique, consolidated code for preparing mail list
  • Corrected new folder being selected but not rendering contents
  • Fixed IE broken due to missing base64 functions in IE
  • API docs updated

Update 6.6.0

Aug 13, 2012

  • Corrected image attachment functionality
  • Hide CC in forward email when CC is empty
  • Corrected auth variable usage and cutoffstr generation for active sync calendar
  • Added x-axis scroll for wide emails when using IE7
  • Disable group delete button if a system group is selected
  • Composer now specifies correct document encoding
  • Added version string to reply load (cached heavily)
  • Corrected JS error scrollTo issue for three pane if no message selected
  • Hiding DAV errors from UI frontend, now logged to stderr
  • Fixed image load/error counting for iframe height trigger and calendar
  • Disabled quota display in admin for client installations
  • Fixed clean-logs.php for webmail client installation is incorrect
  • Changed getsync.php to include base64 version string
  • Fixed Webmail Client > Admin, Settings, Save global, Restart services should not appear
  • Added ability for plugins to set error message when email send fails
  • Added tab context for jQuery that sets width of image attachments
  • Fixed Webmail Client > Admin, mobile UI screenshot is blank/wrong
  • Fixed Webmail Client > Forward email headers, fixed look like reply header
  • Hide errors from chown for webmail clients
  • Updated plugin installer to check for blank version compact strings for older style plugins
  • Updated server version string for old websync, now disabled/removed all functions for sync only version check remains./li>
  • Corrected bad debug output for activesync, causes error on output
  • Added 401 ignore for DAV backend errors
  • Corrected issue where if strtotime fails the getrange fails for DAV backend
  • Removed sabredav version output, disabled domxml output on error, disabled Apache error log output for 403 errors
  • Corrected ID usage 'limit' - moved to Atmail_Enum
  • Fixed typo in add image URL prompt
  • Corrected composer form preparedhtml area not being translated correctly into utf-8 as specified by the composer form doc type
  • Made the RTE image linker text more descriptive
  • Corrected login, disables form/submit until jQuery has loaded
  • Corrected drafts behaviour to be consistent across all views/folders
  • Added composer ID for threaded composers to correct draft ID tracking with multiple messagelist/composers
  • Now saves drafts on hashed content change and doesn't pollute your drafts folder with blank composers
  • Now detects changes in to/from/CC/BCC/files fields for draft saving
  • Corrected drafts XSS
  • Corrected JS error in drafts
  • Consolidate all draft functions
  • Corrected wrapping for titles in information box
  • Fixed Webmail Quick reply > Add attachment from Storage > Search
  • Fixed trailing comma on JS arg list that majorly broke app for IE7
  • Fixed clean-logs.php references dropped column
  • Fixed exception WebMail > Compose > IE9 > 'Reply To All' checkbox
  • Corrected jscrollpane usage
  • Corrected some cache issues
  • Corrected positioning of triangle for 'I' information pane
  • Moved cache cleaning code into it's own method, avoid call if memcache on (though underlying Zend lib does not try to clean memcache anyhow)
  • Fix for checkConfig() method where it was not building valid SQL queries
  • Corrected testConfig function for database updates
  • If using memcache, disable the temp folder removal
  • Added warning output on cache failure
  • Changed cache cleanup chance to 0.01%
  • Corrected admin new user row being clickable during placeholder mode
  • Fixed regression where Real name field doesn't handle '&' very well
  • Added additional read receipt MIME headers to coax Outlook to honour read receipts and ask target user to send read receipt
  • Added missing INBOX to translation list
  • Specifically set overflow-x to hidden for IE7 iframe
  • Corrected IE7 JS error if images are hidden
  • Made blank page match doc type charset
  • Removed multi DnD file upload limit that was imposed while thumbnail performance issued was resolved
  • Fixed input width in login page
  • Corrected mime ICS attachment handling
  • Fixed broken SQL installation file
  • Corrected AJAX upload behaviour for IE7
  • Fixed description for multi-LDAP servers field to specify using commas
  • Fixes DnD offset icon for IE7
  • Disable for IE7/8 for favicons notification and added message that browser does not support notification feature if it is IE<9
  • cookie_path patch to resolve potential cross site cookie stealing
  • Improved contacts import
  • Fixes for sent/date/message-id/in-reply-to XSS
  • Added optimiser to calendarObjects
  • Removed add photo from default user photo image
  • Fixes path to default contact image
  • Corrected segfault during searches for users that contain photo data
  • Fixed Pop up error on logout
  • Added Message composer and header hooks for custom message headers, e.g. priority
  • Ignore the 1×1 image from Outlook during a sync
  • Corrected date display for manformed dates
  • Corrected calendar delegate calendars from being deleted by write members, now removes the delegation instead
  • Fixed scroll to new contact group when click to create new group and it is out of view
  • Change message given when opening Remembered group and it is empty (because you cannot drag and drop to this group)
  • Corrected storage directory for webmail installations
  • Fixes issue where IE would not download contact export file if using HTTPS
  • Added max height for contact pictures
  • Corrected timezone variable usage in calendar controller
  • iOS profile pages made theme-able
  • Fixed small gotcha where PHP 5.2.10 has DateTime but doesn't have DateTime::getTimestamp
  • Fixes for card/calendar vobject parsing
  • Implemented hide BCC on show, and show BCC when CC got focus
  • Fixed [x] image display issue in recipient
  • Admin > corrected new user row being disabled
  • Corrected foldernames accepting /
  • Fixed do not save contact with empty info
  • Corrected proposed user quota being negative
  • Fixed pathname for IE specific CSS files
  • Corrected datetime objects to ignore non-valid TimeZone idents
  • Corrected positioning for color selector in IE7/8 and JavaScript error
  • Fixed drafts saving disabling and reenabling of related buttons
  • Fixed IE7 selector failure
  • Fixed contact edit/delete toggle issue
  • Added class name to actions div when tabs are open
  • Refactored storage thumbnail processing to be better cached, and load staggered
  • Clicking minisearch dropdown arrow now properly slides up or down accordingly
  • Fixed mini mail search fail. tested in IE8, FF13, Safari, Chrome successfully
  • Added domain mapping to migrate-imap.php

Mobile UI Fixes

  • Fixed mail list UI not cleared when move mail to other folder
  • Fixed local cache not cleared bug when delete in side view page
  • Added class for mail folder
  • Polished folder delete for mobile UI
  • Added new folder icon for mobile UI
  • New icons for contact groups
  • Improved mail folder list arrow hover display
  • Hide show next bar when refresh
  • Reduce quick reply height when content is deleted
  • Fixed quick reply format issue. Improved transition between reply/reply all/forward/quick reply
  • Disabled tabToggle for quick reply
  • Settings page go back after save
  • Fixed maillist cleared when back from compose
  • Fixed template text displayed in settings page
  • Fixed duplicated render in maillist when back from view page
  • Implemented waiting period for list/updatefolderTotal to avoid refresh unread count which is expensive invoke to server each time when show folderlist
  • Changed edit mode buttons to more intuitive ones
  • Polished autocomplete for mobile UI
  • Improved quick reply position in mail view, now the textarea will fill the rest area rather than 70%
  • Improved display mail view, reduced the adjusting flash for quick reply height
  • Do not apply default logo icon on contact list

Update 6.5.0

Jun 26, 2012

Atmail 6.5 - Mobile UI & Online Storage

New Feature


  • Added more element classes for easier theming
  • Corrected some bad CSS rules
  • Fixed contact display bug that does not clear photo if no photo
  • Corrected XSS issue with DOM processor that would not remove script tags embedded within crafted escape body
  • Fixed incorrect port specified for CalDAV in iOS provisioning
  • Improved field type for DOB in contacts - now correctly displays under most browsers
  • Fixed text overflow bug in webmail where text covers buttons
  • Prevents creation of contact groups with the same name
  • Corrected click propagation in threaded view
  • Added added bitfield to AutoReload configuration value to control how the user is notified of new email - None, Audio, Favicon
  • Corrected thread toggle behaviour to be more consistent
  • Corrected cursor icons in threaded view
  • Fixed quickreply to dim buttons when send clicked
  • Top navbar reply works again
  • Corrected searchbar placement
  • Fix ability for bootloader to properly load admin plugins on the login page
  • Fixed duplicate assignment and variable usage in core
  • Fixed htmlentities() bug when encode email address on Chrome
  • Removed dup recipient for reply all
  • Split To: field into separate <span/>
  • Spell check issue. Added Cancel menu item to close menu
  • Fixed import contact issue
  • Right-click blocking only block on folders and actions bar
  • Corrected unseen counter
  • Added correct CSS class and rules for unread items in 2/3 pane views
  • Added missing msgIcon div from latest rendered thread
  • Fixed mark as read/unread for 2/3 pane views and within thread responses
  • Corrected indicated unread emails and total unread listed in folder view
  • Now combines flags from all responses in threaded view
  • Now updates unread count during thread node reads
  • Corrected message flag icon disappearing after mark as read
  • Corrected sub-admin able to create admin username
  • Fixed 'late strategy' fetching for mail class
  • Top action bar reply button works for current selected thread
  • Corrected thread closing due to attachment click
  • Corrected threaded view displaying CC: when it's blank
  • Better cache degradation if cache fails
  • Better theme compatibility for contact photo uploaded
  • Fixed Unable to select text colour in Email Signature text editing options
  • Fixed contact photo cannot be uploaded issue
  • Extended the plugin: added an option to place the AjaxUploader in other place rather than document.body
  • Fixed if backend cache has instancing errors, do not fail the entire application - simply disable cache functionality
  • Corrected threaded view displaying CC: when its blank
  • Replaced exponentially growing message tab placement CSS with one liner jQuery left edge placement on end of nav tabs
  • Moved WebDav flags from user settings level to domain settings level
  • Corrected thread closing due to attachment click
  • Added hidden config value 'defaultImapSort' which allows admin to set DATE or ARRIVAL as the default sort method rather than UID
  • Corrected server installer using incorrect named function
  • Added spinner for move folder action
  • Only try to load theme CSS files and preloaded images if they exist
  • Corrected calendar help containing information on unsupported tasks
  • Added email validation for add/edit contact
  • Corrected VObject parsing exceptions to return 422 unprocessable entity rather then 500
  • Hiding exclamation icon by default else is displayed on folder list reload
  • Fixed sub-folder cannot be moved out of the parent folder as separate parent folder
  • Removed bad base64_encode from Exim_Config.php
  • Contact detail fields are not displayed completely with a screen resolution of 1024×768. Fixed under IE9
  • Improved Atmail_Cache class to allow per-item timeouts
  • Corrected account title not appearing for shared calendars if total shared = 1
  • Corrected quickview for calendar where event ids contained non-alpha characters which breaks the jQuery selectors
  • Implemented multiple backup MySQL Server support
  • Only send click and scrollTo JavaScript actions for webmail if settings saved from settings page, not switching 2/3 pane views
  • Corrected invalid variable usage in calendar model
  • Fixed missing quotes on update query for update controller
  • Altered settings/webmailsave code to allow for plugins setting the theme without getting the 'settings have been saved' alert
  • Corrected contact edit variable usage
  • Corrected calling convention for getPhotoResize
  • Corrected sendAsText variable usage
  • Corrected strict mode assign by reference errors
  • Removed debug output from autoloader
  • Removed debug output from filepreview plugin
  • Improved SabreDav > CardDav > Abook Mappings
  • Added image/pjpeg Microsoft progressive jpgs mime type to inline image rendering
  • Fixed call to private method from outside class scope that broke spellchecker
  • Corrected typo in viewmessage controller
  • Corrected overloaded Zend_Mail_Storage_Imap::appendMessage in Atmail_Mail_Storage_Imap::appendMessage not using variable
  • Corrected variable usage in recursive rendering for threads
  • Corrected static function use for getPhotoShadow in users model
  • Corrected variable usage for database user session
  • Corrected function usage for Pear date module
  • Corrected 'new' email search for favicon
  • Corrected strict mode issues with assign by reference from function call
  • Corrected favicons theme path usage
  • Corrected function definition declaration to static for hexaes_check_key_defined
  • Corrected scroll to empty composer on resize
  • Altered X-Mailer, set as 'Atmail' in class variable so it can be modified by plugins
  • Fixed enabling Spam tagging
  • Fixed auto save drafts sometimes not deleting previous save when new save is done
  • Fixed some warnings which could poison ActiveSync communications if error reporting is switched on
  • Updated position of spinner for renaming a folder
  • Added AJAX spinner for folder rename
  • Added version string to all favicons, corrected admin login page not loading favicon
  • Corrected localDomains variable usage, corrected main mail storage attempted destroy on failure without first checking class needed to be destroyed
  • Fixed switching from LDAP auth to Encrypted SQL fails to show required master key field
  • Corrected update to install config key if missing
  • Corrected cache system if config key is missing
  • Made entire mail row clickable to toggle threads, corrected propagating event during toggle
  • Added remoteServers/remoteDomains correction in 6.4.3 update controller
  • Corrected update to move Array remoteServers and remoteDomains correctly
  • Corrected invalid auth mode for calendar if Dovecot configuration missing
  • Corrected variable usage in Atmail mail storage class
  • Corrected variable usage in contacts controller
  • Upgraded LDAP handling to support multiple failover servers
  • Strip any leading/trailing whitespace from username before authentication
  • Added special handling for some actions so as not to reset the current session timeout value

Update 6.4.2

May 30, 2012


  • Added X-Originating-IP header to outgoing emails
  • Added new print/reply buttons
  • Added ability to switch from https to http once login auth complete


  • Version update bug and installer issues
  • Navigate to admin license page for appliance installation
  • Wrong method name used in some migrate adapters
  • Corrected bad variable usage in calendar/settings controllers, calendar / email templates and Atmail mail/storage classes
  • Webkit scroll lock to bottom in message view
  • Apache configuration parser for Ubuntu
  • Debug bug where from Webadmin you could switch on IMAP debugging but could not switch it off
  • Corrected spelling error in database error page
  • Fixed typo on </html> tag on signup page

Theme Fixes

  • Correct CSS path to style help popup for any theme
  • Changed path for contact photo to get the correct theme
  • Added title tags to html editor buttons
  • Added class name to attachment holder to identify in theme CSS
  • Fixed broken image URL for user settings quota loading-spinner

Plugin Fixes/Improvements

  • Added ability to define plugin methods that are safe to call when user is not authenticated - useful for plugins that operate on the login page
  • The plugin functions _getJsonResponseHtml() and _setJsonResponseHtml() can now take an argument that specifies the location of the html body in the JSON response object
  • Centralised the code for the three (API, mail and admin) Plugin interface Controllers
  • Added some missing 'loginFail' plugin hooks


  • Added extra error output and exception catching for purge-users.php
  • Added handling for 'unknown' email from in headers for message class
  • Hide warnings from iconv usage as well as fall over to IGNORE if all else fails
  • Cache now has 1% chance to cleanup old entries

Update 6.4.1

May 12, 2012

  • Updated root check
  • Renamed start/end head tag plugin hooks so they are consistent with others
  • Corrected admin new user edit/delete not available after first new user
  • Fixed folder paths for user TMP folder resolution
  • Fixed Ubuntu installation failure
  • Fixed error in 6.2.7 update code

Update 6.4

May 09, 2012

And so we introduce Atmail 6.4 - our first major release of the year. With new versions of all mail services, this release boasts a tremendous improvement to your mailserver functionality. New SMTP, AV, Spam, and POP3/IMAP services, all with new security updates and improvements. And now, with Memcached support!


  • AWL support added
  • Added automated Bayes database import
  • Added ability to switch from HTTP to HTTPS after authentication
  • Added Calendar delegation fix during updates
  • Added default timeout logic for SpamAssassin rules
  • Added installation script support for Ubuntu 12
  • Added iOS detection
  • Added new plugin hooks
  • Corrected DAV issue causing orphaned entries
  • Corrected update script issue if PHP-posix is missing
  • Domains are now lowercased before creation
  • Fixed server-update issues
  • Removed [staging] section from dbconfig.ini.default
  • Support for brackets in passwords
  • Updated migration libraries
  • Updated views to use translate() on all relevant text entries
  • Updated purge-users.php to allow it to process a list of users to delete


  • Added SpamAssassin DKIM support
  • Disabled DKIM in Exim
  • Disabled users now blocked from SMTP login
  • Mail::DKIM version string for upgrade
  • New Antivirus version
  • New Dovecot version
  • New Exim version
  • New Spam Assassin version with spam-learning
  • Refactored cache system, DAV and MAIL functions extensively cached; MEMCACHE option available


  • Added setting to disable message preview
  • Added 'successfully sent' message when sending email
  • Added ability to set Default Domain for webmail-only version
  • Added confirmation on send
  • Added ability to move folders
  • Added font to all outgoing emails
  • Added option to save to current folder for email responses
  • Added place holder image when no message is selected
  • Added spell checker
  • Clear X-Atmail-BCC header when forwarding messages
  • Corrected descriptions in webmail settings
  • Corrected mail server configuration using table that doesn't exist
  • Corrected message iframe content
  • Corrected SabreDAV authentication issue with remote domains changes
  • Corrected threading for orphaned threads
  • Corrected UTF8 conversion issues
  • FilePreview plugin can now extract and display winmail.dat attachments
  • Fixed Address Book > New Contact duplicated items in drop down lists
  • Fixed Advanced search failure in body search
  • Fixed IE Search bug which opened multiple tabs
  • Fixed IE autocomplete
  • Fixed bug for newly created folders being broken for DnD
  • Fixed bug when creating folders which contain spaces
  • Fixed delete button issues
  • Fixed regression that caused mail list to display during zero search results
  • Improved Dnd on Email and Contact, set checked when dragging on
  • Now does not automatically render first email
  • Search term highlighting no longer done if no search results
  • Tidy up of rich text editor CSS
  • Webadmin graph now shows graph in Locale timezone

Update 6.3.6

March 12, 2012

And so we introduce Atmail 6.3.6 - our biggest release of the year so far. Containing more than 100 fixes and improvements to the Atmail system, this is a recommended update for anyone with an Atmail install. Highlights include Advanced Search, Password Encryption, and LDAP Support for Calendar Server.


  • Added encrypted logins for Calendar Server logins
  • Added IMAP Auth fallback for CalDAV authentication
  • Added LDAP authentication for Calendar Server
  • Calendar server moved provisioned detection to provisioning system from DAV auth plugin
  • Calendar migration updates
  • Removed redundant fetching of user data
  • Calendar server now correctly calls LDAP bind with bind DN
  • Change in height for calendar list items
  • Corrected Calendar Server processing of config.ini sections
  • Corrected Darwin-to-Sabre migration issue (New server starts before old calendar server is turned off)
  • Corrected XSS in calendar event fields
  • DAV authentication now attempts to cache authorisations for multiple calls
  • Fixed encoding issue with error output from Calendar Server
  • Fixed jQuery DND for Safari/Chrome/IE
  • Updated Calendar Server to leverage Bind DNs


  • Implemented Message Flagging
  • Added password length check in Change Password module
  • Delete Trash on Logout is now the user default setting
  • Improved LDAP Change Password feature
  • Improved LDAP system integration
  • Redirect removed folder contents to Trash


  • Advanced Search added
  • Added some extra ids to html tags for better Plugin support
  • Can now use umlauts when searching contacts
  • Improved Upgrade popup box in Webadmin
  • Corrected filtering for the WebAdmin User Manager
  • Corrected Dashboard controller issues with graph calculation
  • Corrected description for subfolder tool tip
  • Corrected folder Add and Remove behaviour for subfolders
  • Corrected folder view not expanding if inside a subfolder
  • Corrected id tag issue in Webmail Settings pane
  • Corrected XSS issues with Log Search
  • Corrected notification display in Webadmin > Settings
  • Corrected simpleFlash for Webadmin
  • Corrected simpletreeview jQuery plugin issue (Previously reset all subfolders expand status even when already set. Caused large performance issues)
  • Disabled setTimeout for scrollTo current folder during first load
  • Fixed Internet Explorer 7 issues with Advanced Search
  • Fixed JS error case handling in Webadmin > Settings > Global Settings
  • Fixed Add Folder button being marked as disabled
  • Fixed browser issues with i18n
  • Fixed CSS mistakes (space in pixel value)
  • Fixed invalid data issue when viewing contacts
  • Fixed slide animation issue that caused vast performance issues
  • Improved User Manager for username validation
  • More verbose timeout message, if running session timeout on iOS
  • Atmail now validates folders for illegal characters
  • Removed translator website from Italian translation
  • Updated simpleFlash to be more context-aware and avoid multiple binds


  • Added Atmail_Enum for application wide constants
  • Added external user password encryption (two way)
  • Added input filter system to admin user controller
  • Added master key setting to configuration file
  • Added missing php-dom for Redhat
  • Added optional deps for mcrypt to installers
  • Added sanitizer to sieve filter
  • Consolidated all password crypt functions
  • Consolidated Atmail LDAP functions
  • Correct search multiple binds
  • Corrected admins being able to accidentally double hash user passwords
  • Corrected cli.version clear on database update
  • Corrected index for abookGroups
  • Corrected issue where _md5 for custom session savehandler not being set correctly
  • Corrected issue where session backend not available during some static calls to its class
  • Corrected LDAP bindauthdn variable usage
  • Corrected local codebase version string not being used to load new versions of CSS/JS on update in admin interface
  • Corrected master key and external users / session encryption unavailable for webmail client installations
  • Corrected migration A5 -> A6 halts due to timeout from old database connection
  • Corrected migration script including settings from users not included in the UserSession? (removed users)
  • Corrected password not being updated due to variable mismatch
  • Corrected remoteServer behaviour
  • Corrected session handler not being able to programatically save sessions for other users while admin
  • Corrected session handler producing error if user has no session data
  • Corrected session handler saving blank sessions (no username provided yet)
  • Corrected session handler searches for blank session id's
  • Corrected session issue where sometimes a valid session ID would be overwritten
  • Corrected upgrade sets cli when not needed
  • Corrected user password encryption hosing already hashed passwords on save
  • Corrected username renaming admin function and re-enabled
  • Corrected zend input filter to match rules on embedded objects during filtering
  • Correct syntext error in digest library
  • Db updater will now still continuing on failure
  • Fixed broken admin Plugin interface controller
  • Fixed creating root folder will add more plus sign issue
  • Fixed folder deletion bug. When deleting a user defined folder, there is a race condition where a default 'inbox' would be passed to recursive delete
  • Fixed search SQL was failing on COOERCIBLE
  • Implemented session encryption
  • Modified auth controller to set auth creds only when crypt type known
  • Modified LDAP add user to be able to handle usernames without domains (domain check for unique username)
  • Modified update code to be more directory aware
  • Now disables unusable password crypt types in admin > global panel
  • Now doesn't store plaintext CalDAV password
  • Replace deprecated function split with explode in General.php
  • Resolved LDAP_add_user missing pear lib
  • Tidy up of global config usage
  • Update iOS profile to handle encrypted external user passwords
  • Updated code to use enums for password types to correct inconsistencies in hardcoded strings
  • Updated Exim_Config to use atmail_enum
  • Updated LDAP-add-user to throw exit codes and updated dovecot create-scripts to honour those exit codes and pass on to dovecot
  • Updated loadTestUrls to not include external accounts during tests
  • Updated settings for external user password encryption

Update 6.3.5

January 12, 2012

Hot on the heels of our last release comes Atmail 6.3.5. This is a security update which resolves various XSS and potential vulnerabilities.

Security Related Changes

  • Zend input filter now matches embedded objects within filter target
  • Added sanitizer to sieve filter functions to correct XSS potential in sieve
  • Fixed XSS potential in calendar events popup and associated backend data
  • Added input filtering to log search to correct vulnerability in index and range calculation
  • Added input filtering to admin user controller to correct various security issues in User Manager


  • Corrected uninitialized array usage in dashboard controller during graph calculation
  • Corrected unhandled exception in logsearch when no index or duration specified
  • Corrected unhandled exception in user list for groups without users
  • Corrected unhandled exception on invalid data for view contact

Update 6.3.4

January 6, 2012

We start this year with a bang: with Atmail 6.3.4 - a large update designed to improve and expand your Atmail server by leaps and bounds. This major patch improves on many components of the Atmail interface and underlying systems. Fixes for many outstanding issues are also included - making for a much more improved webmail experience as the year starts.

Improvements and fixes include the following:


  • New MD5/MD5-Crypt password support
  • Improved calendar timezone support
  • Improved Vobject handling
  • Improved logging for calendars
  • Improved calendar update functions
  • Added per-domain/per-user controls for enabling Calendar Server support
  • Added migration scripts from Atmail 5 to Atmail 6.3+
  • Added Apache mod_rewrite detection for URL support
  • Optimised calendar table format
  • Fixed calendar authentication issues
  • Fixed several TimeZone issues with the Atmail Calendar Server
  • Fixed cache issues with the Calendar Server
  • Corrected issue with multiple calendar alarms
  • Better error detection for bad calendar entries
  • User can now define his/her own Timezone
  • Calendar now preserves timezone information
  • Calendar now supports detection of local timezones


  • Added support for more attachment types
  • Improved PDF rendering
  • Improved email header displays
  • Improved Empty Folder function
  • Fixed issues with contacts in the compose pane
  • Fixed composer input boxes
  • Fixed Favourites on new contacts
  • Better handling for registration issues on login
  • Better success messages for webmail
  • Better displays for accepting ICS


  • Version revision support for installer
  • Zimbra migration scripts
  • Better Atmail update logs
  • Improved update scripts
  • Improved database updates
  • Optimized system tables
  • New update documentation
  • Smarter updates now detect successful updates
  • Verbose mode for installer
  • Calendar compatibility test support during installations
  • Improved Webmail Client installation
  • Fixed issues with dbconfig.ini creation
  • Fixed MySQL fetch issues in installer
  • Fixed application root definitions
  • Fixed favicon issues
  • Fixed queries for DB updates
  • Fixed version string sanitisation issues


  • Fixed naming issues with update utilities
  • Fixed tabbing issues in Services navigation bar
  • Fixed version check for server-install.php
  • Fixed timezone issues with overview
  • Fixed WebAdmin CSS issues with scrolling
  • Better update functions
  • Smarter update functions now detect command-line update status
  • Added update logging
  • Fixed several issues when updating Atmail
  • Fixed display of update dialog
  • Fixed client update instructions
  • Refactored remoteDomains and remoteServers
  • Refactored WebAdmin page error display
  • Fixed remoteServer/remoteDomain display
  • Updater exceptionQuery now throws exception
  • Corrected version string generation to detect bad input
  • CLI updater now tracks client install mode

Update 6.3.3

December 13, 2011

This is the third minor patch to the new Atmail 6.3 version. This release focuses on several Calendar improvements and bug-fixes - making for smoother user-end experience.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Fixed read/write proxy members for the Atmail Calendar
  • Fixed Javascript error when mail information is missing from IMAP
  • Fixed several IE7 and IE8 rendering issues
  • Fixed date issues on mini calendar
  • Refactoring of delegation support Atmail Calendar
  • Atmail now provisions members for delegate targets that have not logged in

Update 6.3.2

November 14, 2011

This is the second minor patch to the new Atmail 6.3 version.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Fixed session for webmail only installer
  • Fixed default error handler producing errors
  • Fixed calendar model error
  • Added notification to webmail only installer if clean-logs cron job unable to be added

Update 6.3.1

November 12, 2011

This is the first minor patch to the new Atmail 6.3 version. Over the coming weeks Atmail will be aggressively releasing small incremental patches to the new 6.3 version.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Improved installer to check session.auto_start=0 requirement in php.ini
  • Improved dependency checks for server installation under CentOS/RH 6.X
  • Improved html entity encoding when forwarding messages in the Webmail UI
  • Fixed ActiveSync link in help-guide
  • Removed JS scrollTo action on 2-pane interface when sending a quick-reply
  • Improved Webadmin log reporting for CalDAV connections

Update 6.3

November 8, 2011

Atmail 6.3 is a major new version which includes a new Calendaring (CalDAV) and Contact (CardDAV) Server. Including new "1-click" iOS provisioning for Email, Calendars and Contacts. After over 6 months in development we are proud to announce the latest release.

New features and improvements include:

Calendar Server

New Calendar Server

New and improved Calendar Server (CalDAV) which is written in PHP and stores calendar data within MySQL. Dramatic performance improvement over the previous Darwin (Python) server used by Atmail, up to 75% lighter and faster. The WebUI for the calendar is now more responsive, and supports external access from iOS and desktop clients.

Contact Server

New Contact Server

Atmail now includes a Contact Server (CardDAV) which is bundled within the new Calendar server framework. Users can add, delete and modify contacts via the WebUI of Atmail and automatically push the updates to their supported mobile (iOS, Android) or desktop client (Mac Lion, Thunderbird, and supported CardDAV clients)

iOS Provisioning

iOS Provisioning - One click setup

iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod) can now use "1-click" provisioning to automatically setup their device for email, calendaring and contacts. No hostname, protocols and ports required, the Administrator can configure global settings and make these available to local user accounts. iOS users just need to navigate to the URL of Atmail and follow the iOS provisioning wizard, simplifying deployments within an organisation or ISP.

ActiveSync Global Address-List

ActiveSync Global Address-list (GAL)

Atmail now supports the global address-list (GAL) for ActiveSync devices. Via your Windows Mobile, Android or iOS device the global address-list is available for end users to search and lookup records within the organisation. The GAL can be defined at the users domain level or site-wide via the Atmail administration panel.

Read-Only Calendars

Read-only calendars

Now supporting read-only permissions on calendars, users can publish calendars within the organization and set read-only or read-write permissions for specified users. Perfect for creating public calendars where the administrator can set events, and end-users receive a read-only version of the calendar. Read-only calendars are available via the WebUI of Atmail, mobile CalDAV and desktop clients.

CSV Export

Log CSV Export

Administrators can now CSV export log files from the Webadmin. Verbose logs for Logins, Received Mail, Sent Mail, Spam and Viruses can be exported in CSV files for accounting and reporting purposes. Includes support for sub-administrators to export log data for their delegated users/domains.

  • Improved Webmail help guides for describing how to connect the the Calendar and Contact server
  • Ported legacy Atmail 5.X migration script to support the new Calendar Server
  • Improved alarm notification for due events in the Webmail UI
  • New and improved Swedish translation
  • New and improved Indonesian translation
  • Improved installation utility to parse and detect Apache settings required for Atmail
  • Improved migration scripts for SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Zimbra. Migrate existing users into Atmail easier
Disabled functionality
  • Via the Webmail interface, external CalDAV/CardDAV servers (non Atmail) are not supported in this release. This functionality will be ported for the next major update

Update 6.20.13

October 19, 2011

This is the last patch for the 6.20.X branch before the major new 6.3 release is available. For this release we’ve focused on security improvements, auditing commonly used PHP models and code maintenance.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Improved PHP/model security
  • Further sanitising user-input
  • Fixed some small issues with server installer and file permissions

Update 6.20.12

September 2, 2011

Atmail 6.20.11 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving email MIME parsing, and various other Webmail UI enhancements.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Improved rendering for malformed emails
  • One-Click Migration tool
  • Better Groupware Controls
  • Improved handling of poorly formatted emails
  • Calendar permission management via the WebAdmin
  • New French translations
  • Improved Spanish translations

Update 6.20.11

Aug 12, 2011

Atmail 6.20.11 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving email MIME parsing, and various other Webmail UI enhancements.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Significantly improved final rendering and large/malformed issues of HTML emails:
    • Now attempts purification of emails with HTML content
    • Plaintext attachments now can handle HTML tag content
    • Fixed DOM walk required for purification hitting nested function limits. Please see max_input_nesting_level or xdebug.max_nesting_level for maximum HTML tag depth
    • Improved error support for regexp filtering of emails
    • Corrects DOCTYPE tags in final HTML rendering
    • Corrected encoding type for iframe in Internet Explorer 8
    • Corrected legacy removal of Microsoft style tags
  • Javascript strings are now part of the translation system
  • Updated DE(German) translation
  • Fixed mashup API usage
  • Improved timezone support within WebSync
  • Improved locale support and performance tweaks
  • Added BCC support for quick reply
  • Added admin setting to turn off JSONP support (security setting)
  • Corrected JS AJAX handler error on some PHP calls
  • Corrected email preview code not peeking until usable text found
  • Corrected missing HTML endtag in relay list
  • Corrected Copyright notifications for GPLv2 software for the Push feature
  • Corrected pagination controls wrapping
  • Corrected some CSS issues with some translations
  • Corrected auto reload to be context aware
  • Corrected loading spinner timeout and functionality
  • Corrected various PHP warnings
  • Corrected WebSync description in groupware settings
  • Fixed hide/show for some toolbar buttons
  • Fixed empty button usability
  • Fixed javascript error when a blank search is performed
  • Fixed attachment padding when email has more then 9 attachments
  • Now correctly handles 'UTF-4' MIME encoding type
  • Suppressed warning output from DOMDocument on malformed HTML load
  • Plugin base class now references correct location of HTML output in JSON response object
  • Removed trivial debug output in admin controller

Update 6.20.10

July 18, 2011

Atmail 6.20.10 is a Major Upgrade Release. This version focuses on expanding Atmail's capabilities with new features, including a new API and various usability enhancements. Improvements include faster webmail performance, better migration utilities, and mailserver backend tweaks.

New Features At A Glance:

New Mashup API

New Mashup API

New API available to create 3rd-party applications a nd web-mashups for Atmail. Extra mail, contact and calendaring data from the Atmail API and build your own applications which utilize the data in a simple to use JSON framework.

Display Images

Display Images

New display images feature to automatically disable showing emails from senders for security. Click to view images.

Automatic Inbox Reload

Automatic Inbox reload

New automatic folder reload feature. New mail is automatically pushed to your Inbox, with an optional sound to indicate new mail arrival.

Automatic Save Draft

Automatic save as draft

New setting to automatically save messages to the IMAP drafts folder on reply and composing a new email. Never lose an email again!

Global Blacklist/Whitelist

Global whitelist/blacklist

Added a new panel in the Webadmin to define a global whitelist/blacklist for the SMTP server.

Other improvements include:
  • Optimised the language template interface of Atmail. Over 20% speed improvement in the Webadmin and Webmail UI using the improved functions
  • Optimised IMAP threads and message list using UID ranges. 10-20% speed improvement for loading times in the Webmail UI
  • Optimised core jQuery/Javascript routines in the Webmail UI to increase overall performance in the browser
  • Added ability to DnD remembered contacts to personal group
  • New migration scripts for importing data from Squirrelmail and Roundcube into Atmail
  • Improved quota calculation in the Webmail settings panel, based on the IMAP getquotaroot function
  • Improved mail-relay logic in the Webadmin and Exim configure
  • Improved Bcc visibility in Sent, Drafts, and Trash folders

Update 6.20.8

May 19, 2011

Atmail 6.20.8 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving ActiveSync, the performance of the Webmail UI and improvements to the calendar backend.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • ActiveSync: Support for new calendar timezone features implemented in 6.20.6
  • ActiveSync: Improved new message handling for forwarded messages
  • ActiveSync: Improved HTML to plain-text rendering for MIME types
  • Calendar: Improved colour palette for events spanning multiple calendars
  • CardDAV: Fixed CardDAV support for external accounts in the contacts pane
  • Webmail: Improved pagination support for large folders
  • Webmail: Improved message ‘loading’ notification for key events
  • Webmail: Optimised commonly used Javascript methods for performance
  • Webmail: General IE7/IE8 improvements for CSS layout
  • Webmail: Improved loading settings panel, user-quota is calculated via a background AJAX call to improve performance
  • Webadmin: Improved CSS layout for aliases, IP-relay, and user-manager pane
  • Webadmin: Activated Mass-mail support for Webmail-client version. Admin can email all external users announcements

Update 6.20.7

April 1, 2011


Atmail 6.20.7 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving ActiveSync, the performance of the Webmail UI and improvements to the calendar backend.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • ActiveSync: Support for new calendar timezone features implemented in 6.20.6
  • ActiveSync: Improved new message handling for forwarded messages
  • ActiveSync: Improved HTML to plain-text rendering for MIME types
  • Calendar: Improved colour palette for events spanning multiple calendars
  • CardDAV: Fixed CardDAV support for external accounts in the contacts pane
  • Webmail: Improved pagination support for large folders
  • Webmail: Improved message ‘loading’ notification for key events
  • Webmail: Optimised commonly used Javascript methods for performance
  • Webmail: General IE7/IE8 improvements for CSS layout
  • Webmail: Improved loading settings panel, user-quota is calculated via a background AJAX call to improve performance
  • Webadmin: Improved CSS layout for aliases, IP-relay, and user-manager pane
  • Webadmin: Activated Mass-mail support for Webmail-client version. Admin can email all external users announcements

Update 6.20.6

March 15, 2011

Atmail 6.20.6 has been developed with a focus on two things: big, new features, and improvements to the overall user-experience. Armed with a tighter quality control regimen and our new open ticketing system, this has been one of our best releases to date. This update guarantees a smoother, slicker webmail experience for your users. Highly recommended.

New Features At A Glance:

Calendar UI

New, Stylish Calendar Interface

The new Atmail Calendar features a fresh, new way to manage and view your own calendars - while sporting refined functionality. With new views, multi-day events, and colours you can customise, this is an amazing forward leap in form and functionality.

Calendar Quick Edit

Calendar QuickEdit

This new feature allows you to edit your calendar entries on the fly. With one click, you can alter your events with this sleek inline edit pane. This guarantees a smoother webmail experience for you and your users.

Information Button

Information Button

Need more data from the email you received? Want to see full recipient lists, signatures, headers, and message routes? With the new Info Button, these are just a click away.

Empty Trash

New 'Empty Trash' button

Clear the emails you don't want. Delete email clutter with just one click - through a button accessible through the main email pane.

Other improvements include:
  • Full timezone support for the Calendar
  • Faster Calendar access speeds
  • Full support for IP ranges for the Mail Relay
  • Improved parsing for emails
  • Full Real name support for the Webmail Client
  • Refined email search functions
  • Improved email thread support

The full list of fixes and improvements can be seen through our Atmail Ticketing System.

Update 6.20.5

January 27, 2011

Atmail 6.20.5

Atmail 6.20.5 is a tuning release that focuses on corrected previous issues, and improving the overall performance and usability of your Atmail service. With feedback from our clients, our developers have improved on the issues that have been raised by the community - making for an even better software for you and your service.

Improvements and fixes include the following:

  • Improved logging facility
  • Fixed a bug in image display for new contacts
  • Fixed email rendering for unusual character sets
  • Updated Mapit Plugin code to comply with PHP 5.3 standards
  • Corrected MySQL replication error for MailRelay tables
  • Fixed Massmail bug
  • Fixed CALDAV count in the Admin Dashboard

Update 6.20.4

December 13, 2010

This release includes a important security update for Exim (Atmail server mode), new ClamAV version, vast improvements to the Webmail interface for contacts/autocomplete and a host of optimisations. All users are strongly advised to upgrade to the new version.

New Features

New Contacts

Improved Autocomplete support

Fully refactored autocomplete support for the Webmail interface. Includes realtime server lookups for matching contact names, large dataset support, profile pictures and speed improvements.

Lookups include:

  • Personal contact support
  • Group contact support
  • Global contact support

Auto Complete

Improved Contact pane

Improved contact pane with profile pictures in contact list, popular contact support and automatic creation of contacts for people you email

Popular contacts are ranked on the regularity you email users, or you can manually flag important contacts by clicking the "starred" option

Automated Log Purge

Automated Log purge

New Webadmin setting to define the number of days to automatically purge the log files in Atmail ( Logins, received mail, sent and system reports )

Improve performance by purging outdated log files for the Webadmin graphs, reporting engine and SQL load



  • Filter users from User Manager with custom search query. e.g 'Account: ben Domain: City: Sydney'
  • Log_* tables can now be automatically pruned to remove entries older than a set date (setting in webadmin > Settings > Global)
  • AWL logs can now be auto pruned to remove entries older than the set dates (setting in webadmin > Services > Anti-Spam)


  • Can be tuned for performance using the configuration values:
    • autocompleteFetchThreshold : Control the maximum amount of addresses to fetch for static list. Static lists above this amount will switch to dynamic updates
    • autocompleteFetchSize : Controls the amount of addresses to fetch for single autocomplete search
    • autocompleteCacheSize : The amount of addresses to cache client side, reducing the total search polls to server
  • Autocomplete now performs sql searches of groups
  • Results are now cached for both personal and global autocomplete fields
  • Now removes loading spinner on AJAX cancel or error
  • Contacts that have been 'Added to Contacts' while viewing a message are available straight away
  • Automatically creates html encoded versions for successful display in webmail interface
  • Groups are displayed as just the groupname description after selection into the autocomplete box
  • Now can autocomplete contacts which contain multiple email addresses other then one primary

Update script

  • Added rebuild for Exim 4.72 to fix critical buffer overflow exploit for Exim <4.69 - All users urged to upgrade
  • Upgraded to Clam 0.96.5 with new AV signatures and performance improvements
  • All updates are handle in one place server or client


  • Display warning about account which were not shared with, when editing permissions on calendar resource
  • Updated description for sharing accounts to inform user that no external accounts are accepted ( local users/domains only )
  • Permissions: Uses new autocomplete feature for who to share calendar resource with
  • Installer: Now requires extended attributes utilities to be available
  • Installer: Now checks atmail belongs to a group
  • Improved change port tool if default CalDAV port already in use


  • New "Mail" button available in toolbar - Click the checkbox for users to email and click "mail" to open a new compose tab
  • Permissions: Uses new autocomplete and correctly verifies addresses as valid on submit
  • Interface tweaks for usability
  • Improved duplicate detection for imported contacts
  • Renamed 'All' to 'Personal' contacts


  • Print now has customisable CSS file css/printMessage.css
  • Cleaned up / performance tweaked composer
  • Displayed email addresses are now cleaned up in threaded view
  • Dynamic update of received/sent times
  • Delivery-Date used if no Date in header

Bug Fixes


  • Various undefined variables fixed inside Authcontroller
  • Fixed disabled account displaying warning
  • Fixed autocomplete results not returning personal addresses when a global search has been performed first
  • Can now search via 'Group Name' for Autocomplete results
  • Can now search via users "Real name" for Autocomplete results
  • Fixed autocomplete results containing a blank realname at the start
  • Fixed autocomplete results encapsulating the address in brackets when not required
  • Now correctly obeys calendar group setting
  • Removed legacy calendarenable usage and from sql global settings
  • Removed calendar code from standalone compose message headers
  • Does not halt application if log directories are not writable
  • Now correctly updates calendar status for all calendar users on group update
  • Fixed id namespace conflict between contact groups and setting panels
  • Calendar disabled for webclient does not halt application
  • Correctly removes Calendar functions from Webmail UI when disabled
  • Fixed 'New Event' being removed from UI when Calendar is disabled
  • Now correctly removes SpamSettings for deleted users


  • Fixed pagenation for Groups in User Manager with custom search criteria


  • Correctly displays groups in autocomplete
  • Correctly retrieves non-primary addresses
  • Cache is correctly repopulated after all contact pane functions

Database Schema

  • Updates all blank UserSettings CalDAVURL to a valid URL


  • Fixed sent mail header not containing quotes around to/cc/bcc fields for account real name
  • Fixed received mail displaying contact with blank realname
  • Improved email group support
  • Fixed race condition for reply all that would populate the To field incorrect
  • Fixed clicking 'Reply To All' checkbox before any email thread has been opened
  • Fixed email contents being erased during compose if 'Reply To All' checkbox is clicked
  • Now does not display invalid date for emails with no date indicators


  • Fixed adding permissions for contacts via autocomplete
  • Clears client side cache on group add/delete
  • Fixed global address book count when groupware zone set to Domain
  • Fixed live address book search returning results outside groupware zone
  • Fixed live update of new contacts to display email if first/last name unavailable
  • Import: Now ensures that discovered emails on import are correctly ordered in the database
  • Import: Now correctly updates total contacts after import
  • Fixed abook count live update
  • Permissions: Autocomplete is available when permissions already set
  • Fixed "Export All" contact menu


  • Fixed calendar names with hyphens when another account created with similar pattern
  • Fixed autocompleted addresses being silently rejected when sharing
  • Fixed sharing with email addresses being rejected if format was "FullName" <email>
  • Installer: Now reports the correct version string


  • Fixed login issues when using MD5 passwords

Update 6.2

December 10, 2010

New Features

Smart Phones with Push support

Push Mail support

Full support is now available for Push mail. You and your users can now synchronise mail, calendar, and contact data using the ActiveSync protocol. Atmail, anywhere, at $3 per account. Learn More >>

Supported platforms include:

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Android devices
  • Windows Mobile

Webadmin Monitoring

Improved Webadmin monitoring

With new Webadmin logging features, you can now view detailed information about your users' activity - from login times, to details of emails sent and received. Other improvements include advanced search patterns, date ranges and more.

Pinpoint exact log details and account activity with in the web interface, no CLI required.

Week View

Webadmin dashboard week view

You can now view log files via the WebUI dashboard and refine graphs by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly usage patterns.

Isolate specific log activity and use the new verbose log view to see expanded details.

Mass Mail

New Massmail feature

You can now broadcast email messages to all subscribers on the platform, or refine for specific accounts, groups or domain-names.

Send service announcements, promotions, company updates or refine specific campaigns for domains on the platform - all with ease, and within a sleek, easy-to-use interface.


New Calendar alarms

Need to know when an event is due? Be automatically alerted of new events due, and confirm or dismiss notifications with ease - all of this, with the new Calendar alarm feature.

Using the CalDAV protocol you can create events on an iPhone or another 3rd-party CalDAV client, and be automatically alerted to new events while using the Webmail interface.

Calendar Invites

Calendar Invites

Accept calendar invitation requests via the Atmail Webmail interface, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar and more - all with ease, and inside your calendar interface.

All it takes is one click to confirm calendar invitations, and have events automatically loaded into your CalDAV account. Optional realtime push support available via ActiveSync for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android phones.

HTML Editor

New and improved HTML editor

The new and improved HTML editor for Atmail expands on features previously available. Define your font-color, size and indentation. Define your personal style.

Spice up your emails and add your personal style with the easy to use HTML email composer.

Autocomplete Addressbook

Global Addressbook Autocomplete

Extended autocomplete support for recipients to include the Global Address List (GAL)

Send messages with ease via the Webmail UI and address to local users stored in the Global Address list

Email Receipt Support

Email receipt support

The new version of Atmail includes email receipt and notification support within the Webmail composer.

Sending an important email? Request a read receipt and receive notification once the recipient has read the message.

User Quota Display

User quota displays

With this new feature included in the latest version of Atmail, your users can now see a quota notification bar in the Webmail settings pane. Using the IMAP protocol, users can see available and used disk-space and manage mailbox usage easily.



  • Can now request read receipts for emails
  • Autocomplete for composer now looks up global addressbook
  • Edit subject on quick-reply
  • Expanded help file for ActiveSync/push support on iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android phones
  • Converted all images to sprites - 50% load time increase
  • Consolidated all CSS files to improve load performance


  • Added alarm display
  • Added alarm support

Calendar Server

  • Vastly improved installer
  • Added installer full logging

Calendar Migration

  • Added large schema support


  • Now links to client portal for license details
  • Improved new patch and version notification via the Webadmin UI


  • Added some currently disabled lightweight animation code (issue with carrot disappearing in firefox)
  • Now intelligently selects/focus on the most likely field when opening composer
  • Drafts folder now displays To field
  • Added transition effect for simple message flash
  • Now displays "Erase" for the delete button when inside trash folder


  • Fixed logout button on error pane
Bugs Fixed


  • Fixed various warnings
  • Fixed buffer overrun

OSX Installer

  • Correctly applies changes to php.ini
  • CardDAV server detection now works
  • Default CalDAV server type is now correct


  • Now prompts for existing SSL certs/keys


  • Fixed bad auto reply encoding
  • Fixed UID update on draft save
  • Fixed action buttons not re-enabling after save to draft
  • Fixed composer not resizing correctly under drafts
  • Fixed scrolling/selection in rte
  • Composer is now 3 pane/context aware
  • Fixed safari issue with text editor iframe
  • Fixed bad subject header for compact view if the email has a blank subject
  • Fixed To field blank if draft contained no recipients


  • Removed gethostname() function calls (only available in PHP >= 5.3)
  • Fixed bad IMAP folder select if session data corrupted


  • Fixed incorrect time issue for graphs in webadmin

A5 - A6 Migration

  • Fixed issue where admin passwords were not md5()'d for insertion to A6 DB
  • New Thai language pack
  • New Russian language pack
  • Improved Italian translation

Demo the latest version Now

Interested to learn more about Atmail? Explore the live online demo to test the new features and improvements, or download and install an evaluation copy on your own server.