Cloud Email,
Made Easy

Complete, managed replacement for your email service. Add domains, users and let us take care of the rest. Features include Email, Calendaring, Storage, Sync and more.

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4 big reasons to use Atmail Cloud

WebAdmin Account Management

A beautiful, modern email client with shared calendars & contacts

SubAdmin Account Management

A private, secure alternative to Gmail and Office 365®

Account Storage

Use your domain, apply your branding

Migration assistance

Easily create and manage unlimited domains and email accounts in the web admin.

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And many other reasons...

  • Complete webmail interface
  • Compatible with your favourite email client (Any POP3/IMAP client)
  • Calendar/Contacts Sync with Outlook
  • ActiveSync Support
  • CardDAV/CalDAV support
  • Themes support / re-branding support
  • Multilingual support - Folders emails, attachments
  • IMAP threading, sorting, search
  • Drag and Drop support for emails
  • PDF thumbnail support for inline attachments
  • Web-based address book
  • ActiveSync
  • Auto-remember contacts
  • vCard support for Addressbook
  • Contact sharing
  • Addressbook access through CardDAV
  • Web Calendar
  • Calendar sharing
  • Calendar synchronization through CalDAV
  • User management (adding, modifying, deleting users and their data)
  • Domain management
  • User importing from CSV
  • Mail Aliases
  • Quota management
  • SPF checks, DKIM checks