Atmail is a light-weight email, calendar and collaboration server.

And a highly competitive alternative to Exchange, Google Apps and Zimbra.

Linux Email Software

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Atmail On-Premise: For clients that require a secure, flexible, on-premise solution installed on their existing hardware.

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Access to demos, all download packages (PHP, RPM, VM, KVM) and a 30 day trial key
  • Multiple Installation Packages (PHP, RPM, VM, KVM)
  • In-browser and command line installation options, migration utilities and detailed documentation.
  • Deploy on top of the pre-optimised Atmail mail server (Dovecot/Exim/IMAP/POP3/SMTP/LAMP) OR install Atmail on your existing Linux mail server.
  • Simple white labelling for resellers (logo upload, CSS theming) or deep integration via our API and development team to meet the needs of ISP’s and Telcos.
  • Low operational costs and TCO. User licensing structure and edition based pricing is highly competitive.

Email Server Features

  • Linux Email Server
  • LAMP Stack Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • Currently, Atmail supports the following environments: Ubuntu 11.0 + Debian 5.0 + Redhat Enterprise 5 + CentOS 5 + Fedora 14 +
  • CalDAV/CardDAV/WebDAV
  • Dovecot IMAP/POP3
  • MTA: Exim SMTP
  • Built on PHP Zend Framework/jQuery
  • Exchange ActiveSync

The Atmail server includes: browser based Web Admin

Webmail Features

  • Rich webmail client
  • Easy webmail re-branding and themes
  • Calendaring & groupware features
  • Beautiful and intuitive browser based calendar
  • Connect to calendar externally, sync Outlook® and other desktop apps
  • iCal and iOS ready - open standards
  • Sync your iPhone or ActiveSync mobile.
  • One-click iPhone/pad/pod provisioning
  • CalDAV / CardDAV server
  • Contacts list based on CalDav
  • Smart TO:, CC: and BCC:.
  • vCard support
  • File Storage: Upload and share your attachments and documents to an online locker and access your files from anywhere.
  • Mount your online storage as a drive in Mac / Windows.
  • Rich mobility features for selected or all users
  • One-tap iOS provisioning
  • ActiveSync Support
  • Mobile ready webmail
  • Email Archiving

Atmail webmail features include: Webmail, Mobility, Contacts, Calendar Web Admin Server Storage UC Archive

Business Features

  • Highly competitive licensing costs
  • Industry lowest TCO
  • White-label - complete branding capabilities
  • Feature rich integration in existing portals
  • Streamlined due diligence process
  • Fixed low cost/high service maintenance and mission critical support contracts
  • Long term fixed licensing available
  • Reseller discounts available
  • Horizontal scalable architecture avoids 'big bang' / high CAPEX upgrades
  • Full integration with billing systems
  • Tight integration with existing advertising platforms
  • Per user/group/domain feature enabling connected to billing system
  • Fully regulatory compliant through lawful intercept and logging
  • Constant development and solid product roadmap
  • Full remote or on-site implementation and integration services during project phases; dev, test, BRT, UAT.
  • Security and performance audit services
  • Customization/branding services

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