Webmail client - IMAP client, AJAX based, PHP powered


Proven to be intuitive to end-users. Fast, responsive and feature rich without any clutter. Complete IMAP Webmail client with all the bells and whistles. CSS and plugin framework for easy re-branding & customization.

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Webmail client rebranding

Easy re-branding

It's your company, your domain. Why not use your own branding? Upload your logos through the Web-admin, complete with comprehensive branding options.

Webmail themes based on CSS

Webmail themes

Give your end-users access to a selection of existing themes or add your own.

Multi-language Webmail client

Multilingual Interface

From Afrikaans to العربية, Pусский to Français or 中国的. Atmail ships in many languages, with fully translated icons and buttons. Easy tools to add any new language.

IMAP search and indexing

Powerful Search

Use the Atmail search engine to find any message or attachment in any folder, sent or received. Fast and accurate.


One-click setup for iPhones, iPads and iPods native email, calendar and contacts.
Full ActiveSync (EAS) for push mobility on all supported mobile devices.

ActiveSync, Mobile Webmail, iOS provisioning. Mobile email made easy.

iOS provisioning profile

One-tap iOS provisioning

Connect your iOS device for one click email, calendar and contacts provisioning. Users simply browse their mobile Safari to your Atmail server, enter user/pass and tap a button.

ActiveSync for iOS and Android

ActiveSync Support

Connect using Push. Need to stay in the loop? With Atmail's ActiveSync (EAS), emails, contacts and calendar changes are automatically pushed to ActiveSync compatible mobile devices.

CalDAV / CardDAV client and server

CalDAV / CardDAV server

Connect as a service. Atmail includes a CalDAV and CardDAV server - enabling you to access your contact and calendar data through many supported client devices.

Mobile Webmail Email Client

Mobile WebApp

Use your mobiles browser to check your email and manage contacts and calendar events when out and about through the mobile optimized web version. Mobile Webmail made easy.

Contacts. CardDAV server and Client. Web-app. Groupware and more.


Create, manage, group and share rich contacts data from browser, mobile devices or desktop apps. Share with individuals, groups or domains.

CardDAV client. vCard

Open Standards

Atmail uses CardDAV to make importing, syncing and exporting of your contacts between multiple devices and clients built and run by various manufactures and vendors seamless.

Auto suggested contacts

Smart TO:, CC: and BCC:.

Atmail auto-remembers all typed or received new email addresses and saves them in a contacts folder. Ajax suggestions (with images) from all available email addresses as you type.

GAL support. ActiveSync and CardDAV

Global address list

Let your users find each other through global address-books. Search your whole Atmail system or your domain. GAL made easy.

Vcard import and export

vCard support

Share contact information through vCards. Export, import, and share data through electronic business cards.


Share your contact information with defined colleagues and friends. Give them the ability to read,edit or modify.

Mobile Sync and Outlook® Sync

Synchronize your mobile, desktop, and webmail contacts through ActiveSync, CardDAV or the Atmail Outlook Sync plugin. Have the same contact data, wherever you are.

CalDAV client and server. Calendaring and Groupware.


Beautiful and intuitive calendar in your browser. Connect externally, sync Outlook® and other desktop apps, connect your Mac through CalDAV and sync your iPhone or ActiveSync mobile. Atmail calendar supports recurrence, invitations and alerts. Create and share calendars with individuals or groups.

Outlook MAPI plugin

Outlook® sync

Install the seamless Atmail DavSync add-on for your Outlook® 2003, 2007 and 2010 to synchronize calendar and contact data.

iCal and iPhone compatible

iCal and iOS ready

Connect your Mac iCal natively through Atmail's open standard CalDAV. Use the Atmail one-click setup to setup your native iPhone, iPad and iPod to sync with your Atmail calendar.

Web-based calendar with style

Beautiful and easy

Enjoy your Atmail browser calendar. Powerful yet uncluttered and always in sync with all your devices.

Share calendar events and calendars


Create and share special calendars, accept invitations (including external Outlook® users) and sync across devices.

Web Admin - SMTP, Groupware, Webmail, IMAP, Dashboard options

Web Admin

We built Atmail for you. Atmail is based on familiar open source standards and integrates seamlessly in your SOE. Manage and configure your Atmail from the browser - complete with automated traffic reports, branding, and detailed user management options. One click updates and proven robustness. Set, forget and shine. Integrate your system with the plugin framework for complete flexibility.

Linux email server and Webmail client

Deployment choice

Install on your existing Linux servers (single or cluster) or install as VM. On premise, hosted or in your SOE through the Atmail provisioning API. As full server or on top of your IMAP/PoP stack. Full implementation and installation support.

Data migration - IMAP, maildir, mbox and more

Easy Migration

Need to migrate, and migrate quickly? Atmail ships with tools to migrate any number of users and their data. Full support from our migration experts.

Reporting, dashboard and statistics


Fully regulatory compliant through lawful intercept and logging. The Atmail Dashboard provides a visual representation of activity on your server; every email sent, received, and blocked is detailed in an easy-to-use interface.

User manager console - Users and groups

Detailed user management

What the admin gives, the admin can take away. Atmail's per-user/group/domain permissions allow you to grant specific privileges and restrictions. Connect to your user provisioning and billing system.

Mass mail

Notify your users en masse with the Mass mail utility. Whether you're scheduling maintenance, spreading news, or just want to get touch with your users, the Mass mail utility makes broadcasting simple.

Plug-ins & Mash-ups

Add extra functionality through the our documented plug-in framework for headache free version upgrades. Create mash-ups with your own web application. Integrate advertising, billing and hosting management tools easily.

Unlimited domains

Multi tenancy enabled and no license restrictions on the number of domains. Use Memcache and clustering to serve from hundred to millions of users on a small footprint.


Integrate your Atmail with LDAP, Database Auth or OS Authentication.

Sub-Administrator support

Start delegating. Atmail's SubAdmin function supports self managing of selected services per domain or domains.

Full source code

You've got the skills, we've got the tools. Atmail's full, open source code is available for you to modify and customise - from the PHP frameworks to your CSS.

Slim and scalable

The Atmail services have a slim footprint - do more with less hardware. Scale your Atmail as you grow with clustering, unlimited domains and multi-tenancy.

Atmail Email Server - Linux Email Server, Cloud, Hardware & On-Premise Deployment

Email Server

Install Atmail on your existing mail server, or any mail server that supports SMTP/IMAP. Atmail also comes bundled with a pre-optimised SMTP/IMAP/POP3 mail-server on an open standards LAMP foundation.

Download Atmail
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Add the open standards based Atmail server and provide a complete out of the box POP3 / IMAP / SMTP mail-server.

Built On Linux

Built On Linux

At the foundation of our product is the LAMP stack. Fast, robust and cost effective. Atmail works out of the box for platforms such as CentOS, RHES, Ubuntu & Fedora.

Full remote Implementation & Integration Services

Implementation & Integration

Affordable remote integration and migration support for all deployment options.



Auto-updating embedded Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus. DNSBL, SURBL, Grey-listing, SPF, Bayesian Filters. Connects seamlessly to Barracuda and other external Anti-Spam/Virus servers.

Atmail Storage - store files in the cloud


Your photos, your videos, your files - all in Atmail. Upload and share your attachments and documents to an online locker and access your files from anywhere. Organise attachments, documents, music, photos, videos and more.

Drag And Drop

Add files from your desktop using drag and drop. Simple!

Add & Share Files from Storage

Add files as attachments directly from your storage. Share files as links with one click.

Mounted Drive

Mount your online storage as a drive in Mac / Windows.

Fast & Secure

Fast and secure storage in the cloud for any type of file.

AtmailVault Email Archiving


A complete solution for email retention and compliance. ArchiveVault provides all the tools you need to capture, store, and recover incoming, outgoing, and internal email. The system is controlled from a secure web-based management utility to quickly find any email which has traversed the system.

Email Compliance

Email Compliance

Ensure your organisation is fulfilling its legal obligations to archive, store and discover historic email traffic.

Search Inbound / Outbound Emails

Easily search any inbound / outbound emails via the web based management tool.

Granular User Access

Create new users and give them access to emails based on domain or even mailbox.

Integrates With Atmail

Archive Vault is a seamless addition to your existing Atmail infrastructure.

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