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Extend Your Email to New Possibilities

Atmail plugins are an easy way to customize your users' Atmail experience without editing any core Atmail code (making upgrades easy). Read more on developing your own plugins.

Atmail includes a comprehensive JSON API to access email, calendaring & contact data, allowing you to build this data into your own applications, create mobile interfaces, mashup to a portal and more.

Built an existing Atmail plugin or mashup? Contact us, we love to hear what our end users are building!

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Atmail Third Party Plugins

Status Board thumbnail

Graph your email metrics such as logins, usage, spam and more on a the status board dashboard app, looks great!

V1.0.0 - 24 July 2013

Get Status Board
Crypto Photo thumbnail

Crypto Photo is an innovative way to provide genuine high-security 2-factor authentication for Atmail accounts and end users.

V1.0.0 - 24 July 2013

Get Crypto Photo thumbnail will make the default email editor in Atmail use the editor for all users in your Atmail domain.

V1.0.0 - 24 July 2013


Atmail Mail Plugins

Sometimes a client wants a custom feature, or perhaps one of our developers has a cool little idea they want to work on, either way when we find ourselves with a plugin we think someone else might like we share it here for everyone!

ManageSieve thumbnail

If your mail server systems support the ManageSieve protocol you can use this plugin to add mail filter support to Atmail Webmail version


Get ManageSieve
MapIt thumbnail

Displays a map of a contact's location based on their address info.

V1.0.4 - 30 August 2011

Get MapIt
MailTube thumbnail

Displays an embedded video player for YouTube links in emails.

V1.0.1 - 8 July 2011

Get MailTube
Change Password thumbnail

This is a skeleton plugin that, once integrated with your mailserver, allows you to add Change Password functionality to the webmail only version of Atmail.

8 Dec 2011

Get Change Password
MailOptions thumbnail

This is a skeleton plugin that, once integrated with your mailserver, allows you to add Auto-Reply and Email Forwarding functionality to the webmail only version of Atmail.

8 Dec 2011

Get MailOptions
SpamSettings thumbnail

This is a skeleton plugin that, once integrated with your Anti-Spam system, allows you to add Anti Spam controls to the webmail only version of Atmail.

8 Dec 2011

Get SpamSettings
Barracuda4Atmail thumbnail

If you are running Atmail webmail and are using Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall this plugin will let you users control their spam settings via Atmail's Settings tab.

V1.0.1 - 25 May 2010

Get Barracuda4Atmail
FirstLoginTrigger thumbnail

Allows you to execute a specific command on first login for a user account ( e.g data migration, system call, service check ).

24th Jan 2013

Get FirstLoginTrigger
MailOS thumbnail

Allows you to define a map of email addresses to folder names, so when you reply to an email from a certain folder the From header will contain the email address as defined for that folder.

21 April 2010

Get MailOS
FromAddress thumbnail

Allows users to alter their from address. This can be enabled on a per user basis via webadmin.

24th Jan 2013

Get FromAddress
MessagePriority thumbnail

Adds the ability to set message priorities on emails being sent.

24th Jan 2013

Get MessagePriority
CSRLogin thumbnail

Allows login to Atmail using a time limited and encrypted authentication token. This can be used for SSO or for providing support technicians logins to user accounts without them knowing the password. Framework plugin provided, must be customized to your environment.

25th Jan 2013

Get CSRLogin
SessionTimeoutMonitor thumbnail

Periodically polls a server side script to check for a session timeout. Redirects the browser back to the login page if the session is found to have expired.

25th Jan 2013

Get SessionTimeoutMonitor
PreviewPopup thumbnail

If message previews are enabled then this plugin displays the previews in a "tooltip" popup upon hovering on a message, rather than inline, hence saving vertical space in the UI.

25th Jan 2013

Get PreviewPopup
LoginCaptcha thumbnail

Displays a Captcha after a configured number of login attempts and can also display a Captcha if the user sends more than a configured number of emails within a certain time.

21 April 2010

Get LoginCaptcha
MailHighlight thumbnail

Highlights messages in your folders if a user is a contact, or flagged as a favourite.

2 April 2013

Get MailHighlight

Atmail Mashups

While Atmail plugins allow you to easily extend and modify Atmail's core functionality, another cool feature of Atmail is the JSON API which enables mashups by providing Atmail's email, contact & calendar data into your application.

The JSON REST API allows easy access to a user's Atmail data which can then be incorporated into your portal or other applications. In fact, the entire Atmail Mobile UI it built using the REST API.


  • Display unread emails
  • Fetch all recent email from a folder
  • Display Contact information
  • Display Calendar events
  • Add, Delete and Modify Calendar events and Contacts

Please note you need an active session on the Atmail Demo server to try these demos. You can create a session by launching a WebClient Demo session, then returning to this page to try the mashups.

Atmail Mappa thumbnail

Visually display your calendar events on a map based on the location and event availability.

22 Aug 2011

Live Demo


Read Tutorial
Mail Status thumbnail

Display the users new and unread messages in a mashup. Perfect example for integrating Atmail into an existing portal to display the number of new messages. Packaged in Atmail 6.20.10 or higher

20 July 2011

Live Demo

Mail Tabs thumbnail

Message tab pane which demonstrates how to display new email messages, preview display, mailbox status for new/unread mail and upcoming calendar events. Packaged in Atmail 6.20.10 or higher

20 July 2011

Live Demo

Read Tutorial
Contact List thumbnail

Sample mashup which presents the users contact list in a scrollable pane. Includes personal, global and shared contact support.

20 July 2011

Live Demo

Read Tutorial
PHP Mashup thumbnail

A PHP example which uses the curl library for API authentication. Pulls user mail, global address book and personal calendar entries using PHP/JSON.

22 Aug 2011


CoverFlow thumbnail

Pull contacts from the Atmail API and display all contacts with photos in a coverflow format.

20 July, 2011

Live Demo


CalAvailability thumbnail

Pull events from the Atmail Calendar API and display a table of availability. Great as a mashup on the corporate intranet for availability of staff/management.

9 April, 2013

Read Tutorial

Getting Started


Learn how to create an Atmail plugin, a quick-start tutorial by Brad Kowalczyk.


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