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Complete, managed replacement for your email service. Add domains, users and let us take care of the rest. Features include Email, Calendaring, Storage, Sync and more.

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WebAdmin Account Management

Account Management

Manage your Atmail Cloud account from anywhere, anytime. Add, edit, and manage your users from a browser-based interface. It’s all here and it’s easy.

SubAdmin Account Management


Reselling accounts is easy with Atmail Cloud. You can assign Subadmin access and let your clients manage themselves.

Account Storage


Store, upload, or save your emails with ease.

Migration assistance

Migration assistance

We assist you in migrating your existing accounts and data over to your Atmail Cloud. No interruptions, no data loss.

Why go Cloud?

Take the hassle out of email and let world-class professionals take care of the backbone of your business. Now your system administrator is free to manage the projects that really matter to you.

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Why Use Atmail Cloud?
Atmail Cloud Functionality

Proven functionality.

Full Atmail 7 Webmail feature set. Mobility enables key staff to take email, calendar and contacts on the road. Supports desktop clients like Outlook ® and Apple Mail.

Webmail themes based on CSS

Everything is handled.

Backups, maintenance, security and software updates are all managed behind the scenes by a company that lives and breathes messaging.

Multi-language Webmail client

Your data is safe.

Hardware and system configuration built to survive anything. Your data is securely stored and replicated across a bank of servers, across multiple data centres.

Multi-language Webmail client

Your domain, your branding.

Custom branding, logos, and themes allow you to personalize the look and feel of Atmail to whatever suits you.

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